Halloween Fun

The Statler girls definitely enjoyed Halloween this year, all three of them!   Since the public schools around here are not allowed (???) to really celebrate the holiday, I knew we had to make up for it at home.  I think we did a pretty good job:

Two trips to the pumpkin patch (well three including Ls field trip), hosting a pumpkin painting party with neighbors, lots of Halloween crafts, pumpkin baking, pumpkin carving and of course the big event “trick or treating”.  


As for costumes, that became a slight challenge.  Earlier this fall I fell in love with a cow costume idea for Emaline.  Wanting all three to match,I thought the older girls could be cowgirls!! Nothing better right?! I mean a cute polka dot cow with her cowgirl sisters (all decked out in tutus of course)😍😍😍. WRONG! Liesel and Moira were having none of this idea.  I even tried the “but you get to wear a pink cowgirl hat and boots” approach— nada. They can be tough.  

I quickly surrendered.  Some battles just aren’t worth a fight.  So, Liesel decided on a dancing ballerina and Moira, well, she had her heart set on something much more specific.  Yes, ms. MJ insisted on being a fairy-princess-mermaid-ballerina😂.  Points for creativity perhaps? 

Lucky for me Emaline is too young to have a say, so a polka dot cow for her🐮💗. Thanks to the girls cousin, Lydia, Liesel had inherited a beautiful ballerina dress.  I only had to add ribbon to her ballerina slippers to make them more “authentic”✔️.

Emalines cow costume was farely easy.  I used a long sleeved white onesie and ironed on black patches from hobby lobby.  

 For ears, I hot glued felt to a head ban.  

And of course, I couldn’t let my little Emaline escape without a tutu.  So using my Tutu template from previous years, I made her one out of white shimmery tulle. With her “milk” jug in hand she was ready!! 

Now for the fairy-princess-mermaid-ballerina.  I found a costume (with tulle of course!!!) on Pinterest.  It was very similar to last years Princess dresses. The entire dress took two nights worth of work, not bad.  A little wine helped too🍷.  

Thanks to hobby lobby and the dollar store, we added some wings and a crown. And voila-a fairy-princess-mermaid ballerina was born! 


We had a fabulous Halloween night. The rain held off and we enjoyed my homemade Chili before the girls headed out for trick or treating.  We ended the night with some Pumpkin Pie while watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! Another great Halloween for the Statlers🎃👻 



Apple Breakfast Bars

One of the hardest meals these days is breakfast!! Getting three girls up+dressed+packed for school + fed+bathroomed and out the door ONTIME is quite the feat! I feel that some days I am amazed we got anything done😅. Breakfast is so important.  Especially since Liesel only gets lunch and zero (that’s right 0) snacks at school!!  

I wish I had it all together and was cooking them eggs or making them porridge (what the girls call steel cuts) everyday.  But, let’s be honest, some days there.just.isnt.enough.time.  So when I came across an amazing recipe for protein packed and zero refined sugar-filled bars I was ecstatic! 

I whipped them up Sunday evening once the girls were in bed and they were cooked and ready to go in the am🙌. The girls loved them (well 2/3)-Moira ate them but then said “these are not my favwite.  Tomorrow I want granola again.”   Liesel however reported “those were amazing!!”  The bars lasted the whole week and made for one happy (and less drained) momma!!



* 3/4c skim milk

* 1/2c peanut butter

* 1 tsp vanilla 

* 1/4c applesauce 

* 1/4c honey

* 1c grated Apple (squeeze water out)

* 1 egg

* 1.5c rolled oats

* 1/4c white whole wheat flour

* 1 tsp baking soda

* 1 tsp cinnamon 

Mix the first seven ingredients in a mixing bowl until blended.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir until just moistened.   


Spoon into a 9×9 pan and cook at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Or until golden brown on the top.

Allow bars to cool completely before cutting and eating. 

I hope they make your mornings easier too!!

Fall Days

Now that both Moira and Liesel are in school, we are officially a family with school days.  The worst part is that school days are more common than home days😭. It has definitely been an adjustment for us all!

Just before Labor Day, Moira had her first day of preschool.  Since signing her up last February, Moira has been dreading this day.   Much different from Liesels first day two years ago.  Moira is my Momma girl/ home body.  I adore this about her.  She is also extremely cautious and a huge thinker and worrier.  The whole preschool thing had her “a little noivous” as she put it.  School was Liesels thing and I think she would have liked to keep it that way. However, we knew she would love it and she was more than ready to start.   After a few short tears on her first day she was off! And I’m happy to report she LOVED every minute!  She talks to us often about her best friends and can recount her entire days back to us without hesitation!  What a joy it has been to see her blossom into a big preschooler! 

 And here we are in October.  School is our new norm.  Although I miss the old days, more than I could express,  we are cruising along and getting in a new groove.  Lunches packed each night, outfits laid out on the dresser, morning walks to the bus followed by preschool drop off with only two littles in tow…life sure changes fast!  
But despite all the changes, we still have been able enjoy our favorite fall pastimes!  

Apple picking at Tuttles Orchard 


Hayrides+games +pumpkins at Stoneycreek Farms  

Lots of fall baking

And our annual autumn trip to Michgan 


I’m sure we will still squeeze in a few more trips to the orchard, as well as hit up Conner Prairier and the Children’s Museum before the season commences.   What are some of your fall must dos? Id love to add them to our list!!   


Fall Aromas

Don’t you just love fall smells? All the pumpkin + apple baking with the rich spices that loom through the air, it’s bliss! When Eric and I were dating and first married one of our favorite things to do was go to Bed Bath and Beyond and find the perfect Yankee Candle for the season. A few years ago Eric even made a spread sheet of which candle would be best for each month of the year -isn’t he the best?!! But we soon discovered that at $35 a pop, our candle obsession just couldn’t fit in the budget every month. with a few exceptions, however


I decided to try some homemade scents this year to enjoy fall. We have loved the aromas floating through our house and I wanted to share the recipe with you.

Palm size of whole cloves
3-4 cinnamon sticks
1 peel of an orange
3 bay leaves
1 TB vanilla

Place ingredients in a crockpot and fill 3/4 of the way with water.

IMG_8841.JPG. Turn crockpot on high until you start to smell the scents. Then turn to low and enjoy this-cheap- fall aroma.

I’m excited to try to find the perfect Christmas recipe in a little over a month!!