Emaline turned TWO… a few weeks ago

At least I wasn’t a month late, just barely! Geesh.  This year I really felt the craziness of having a birthday close to Christmas.  Throw in a few stomach bugs,   Christmas concerts, and my first year working part time with kids and wow, I’m amazed we got it all done!! 

But our Emaline Noel turned two and we celebrated our girl, sickness and all!  We had grand plans of having a party with Mimi and papa and going to Christmas at the Zoo.  However, the night before Ems bday, while I was frantically making her cake (plus the dessert I stupidly volunteered to bring for Moira’s prek party) and finishing up a quiche for dinner, Liesel found herself sick in the bathroom. So our plans had to change, drastically. Praying this isn’t a new tradition as MJ fell sick the night before Emalines bday the previous year😬.  

Turns out a quiet day at home (with bonus kindergartener around all day) was just what we needed!  Emaline felt special and we could not be more in awe of how much our girl has changed in a year!!

Last year on her 1st birthday Emaline wasn’t pulling herself up,  walking or even truly crawling. She could say a few words that could easily be mistaken for random sounds (ma ma, da da, ba ba).  And she was as laid back and go with the flow as ever!  Eric and I basked in her ease.  She was a dream!! Slept more than 12 hours each night and seldom fussed.  We thought ” wow she may be the most laid back of all!!”

Fast forward a few months and all changed!!  Around 16months Emaline began taking real steps and that is when she became a whole new girl!  She quickly began trying to keep up with her sisters, but not in the same way Moira had with Liesel.  Emaline truly beats to her own drum.  And often that drum is found as far as her quick little legs can carry her😉. She keeps us on our toes, in the best possible way!  And boy does she have a sense of humor. Her silly faces and comments have all of us laughing around the dinner table. She sure is a joy!  

  Happy birthday to my sweet, spunky, hilarious, tender-hearted Emaline Noel!! Your daddy and I love you with all our heart and cannot wait to see what adventures you will take us on in year 3! 

Photo cred: Sdreeves Photography






And a side by side of all our girls at 2


Photo cred: sdreeves photography 

#2 Pancakes! 



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