Halloween Fun

The Statler girls definitely enjoyed Halloween this year, all three of them!   Since the public schools around here are not allowed (???) to really celebrate the holiday, I knew we had to make up for it at home.  I think we did a pretty good job:

Two trips to the pumpkin patch (well three including Ls field trip), hosting a pumpkin painting party with neighbors, lots of Halloween crafts, pumpkin baking, pumpkin carving and of course the big event “trick or treating”.  


As for costumes, that became a slight challenge.  Earlier this fall I fell in love with a cow costume idea for Emaline.  Wanting all three to match,I thought the older girls could be cowgirls!! Nothing better right?! I mean a cute polka dot cow with her cowgirl sisters (all decked out in tutus of course)😍😍😍. WRONG! Liesel and Moira were having none of this idea.  I even tried the “but you get to wear a pink cowgirl hat and boots” approach— nada. They can be tough.  

I quickly surrendered.  Some battles just aren’t worth a fight.  So, Liesel decided on a dancing ballerina and Moira, well, she had her heart set on something much more specific.  Yes, ms. MJ insisted on being a fairy-princess-mermaid-ballerina😂.  Points for creativity perhaps? 

Lucky for me Emaline is too young to have a say, so a polka dot cow for her🐮💗. Thanks to the girls cousin, Lydia, Liesel had inherited a beautiful ballerina dress.  I only had to add ribbon to her ballerina slippers to make them more “authentic”✔️.

Emalines cow costume was farely easy.  I used a long sleeved white onesie and ironed on black patches from hobby lobby.  

 For ears, I hot glued felt to a head ban.  

And of course, I couldn’t let my little Emaline escape without a tutu.  So using my Tutu template from previous years, I made her one out of white shimmery tulle. With her “milk” jug in hand she was ready!! 

Now for the fairy-princess-mermaid-ballerina.  I found a costume (with tulle of course!!!) on Pinterest.  It was very similar to last years Princess dresses. The entire dress took two nights worth of work, not bad.  A little wine helped too🍷.  

Thanks to hobby lobby and the dollar store, we added some wings and a crown. And voila-a fairy-princess-mermaid ballerina was born! 


We had a fabulous Halloween night. The rain held off and we enjoyed my homemade Chili before the girls headed out for trick or treating.  We ended the night with some Pumpkin Pie while watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! Another great Halloween for the Statlers🎃👻 



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