20 Months

Its been a while since I wrote one of these.  But with all the changes miss Em has been making lately, I thought it’d be fun!  I cannot believe my baby is 20 months already?!!  It is crazy to think when Liesel was 20months I had a second baby already and when Moira was this age we were just weeks away from having our third!  Let me tell you, it is nice to be able to soak in this age and not rush it by.

Emaline has absolutely come into her own. She is no longer my laid back, go with the flow, quiet baby.  She is a force to be reckoned with!  Ordering her sisters around, talking constantly (and always at volume 10!!!), singing, running anywhere and everywhere (except in the direction I want her to go😬).  Yes, this age is a blessing, but oh so tiring🏃🏃😅😅.    

Emaline has officially become a member of the sister room and sleeps in there most nights, however she still naps in our guest room.  But she hates to be away from her sisters and anytime we attempt to put her down in “the other” room she points and demands this room, this room while looking at the girls room.   


Another big change for Emaline is that she has upgraded to a booster seat.  We have said goodbye to the high chair for the first time in 5years.  And wow, the room we now have!! 

  She is also starting to master utensil use! 

As for sleep, Emaline continues to be my best sleeper.  Going in around 8pm and sleeping until 8am or later (we usually have to wake her up to catch Liesels bus at 8:30).  Naps are a breeze and she sleeps for 2-3hours (again we wake her to get the bus).  

But perhaps her greatest change this past summer has been her love for the water.  Back in early June anytime she would be sprayed by anything other than warm bath water she would cry and cry.  This was shocking to us as both our other girls were pool babies since birth!  This phase didn’t last long, she is now a little fish!! Jumping in the water with her floaties  on, putting her face under water and running through the sprinkler park. 

  Our summer at the pool was definitely a success!!

And lastly, this past month we have seen the bond between all three girls really take form!  Liesel and Moira have their own little club it seems, but now that Emaline is beginning to be old enough to play, they are including her much more.  I know this will only grow, especially between MJ and Em now that Liesel is in school.   

And of course a 20mth comparison picture😊 



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