Family Time

What a fast summer!!  I still cannot believe it is over and we are going on our second week of school. Although fast, it was jam packed with fun.  The highlight of which was our annual family date weekend.

We started this tradition two years ago and have looked forward to it every year since.  This year we decided to enjoy our weekend right here in our beautiful city of Indy!  So many places to see and activities to do.  It also ended up being very budget friendly and nice to come home and enjoy our own beds before heading out again.  Not that the idea of 5 of us in one hotel room doesn’t sound relaxing and fun😬😳. 
We started off our date day at the beautiful IMA Hundred Acres.  The last time we went there Liesel was 10 days old!  Cannot believe it has taken us so long to go back, amazing trails, beautiful outside sculptures and picnic areas. 


We enjoyed lunch at the Circle Centre mall where the girls danced to live music and even got to watch drumline battles! After which both girls decided they were going to play drums  when they are older! 


Then we took the rest of the day and explored downtown.  Civil War Monument (thank you Conner prairie for making this easy for the girls to enjoy), the Circle, the downtown library, and the Canal. 


Day 1 ended with our annual stop at the Old Spaghetti Factory and of course ice cream at Brics on the Monon in Broad Ripple. 


Sunday started with everyone sleeping until almost 8am (incredible).  We then spent the day at the Children’s Museum, lunched at Bazbeauxs in Broad Ripple and finished the day swimming in our pool at home.  A truly perfect weekend, one that recharged us and bid a fabulous summer farewell.    



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