Choosing Joy

This entire summer the kindergarten cloud has been looming over all of our heads.  I know it’s happening and I know there is nothing I can do about it!  So, I’ve decided to embrace it ( I know less than two weeks away…it’s about time).  But I want to be excited about it, and that is why I’m choosing joy! 

Joy that we have raised a little baby who has grown into a little girl more than ready for school!  This next stage will be a huge change for our family.  We will exchange our lazy go with the flow days for a schedule that involves bus riding, teacher conferences and afternoon homework.  But we will embrace it with a smile and enjoy every minute!   

Kindergarten, we see you!  As desperately as I wish I could make you disappear, I know you won’t and I know it is our time! We are excited for a new teacher to adore. One who’s name we will all know and use daily.  We are excited for the new friends and families we will get to know and love.  And most importantly we are excited for the love of Christ we can pour out on to all those we meet this year! 

 School shopping has been done, bags are packed, and this girl is ready to go!  
Pure JOY!!! 



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