20 Months

Its been a while since I wrote one of these.  But with all the changes miss Em has been making lately, I thought it’d be fun!  I cannot believe my baby is 20 months already?!!  It is crazy to think when Liesel was 20months I had a second baby already and when Moira was this age we were just weeks away from having our third!  Let me tell you, it is nice to be able to soak in this age and not rush it by.

Emaline has absolutely come into her own. She is no longer my laid back, go with the flow, quiet baby.  She is a force to be reckoned with!  Ordering her sisters around, talking constantly (and always at volume 10!!!), singing, running anywhere and everywhere (except in the direction I want her to go😬).  Yes, this age is a blessing, but oh so tiring🏃🏃😅😅.    

Emaline has officially become a member of the sister room and sleeps in there most nights, however she still naps in our guest room.  But she hates to be away from her sisters and anytime we attempt to put her down in “the other” room she points and demands this room, this room while looking at the girls room.   


Another big change for Emaline is that she has upgraded to a booster seat.  We have said goodbye to the high chair for the first time in 5years.  And wow, the room we now have!! 

  She is also starting to master utensil use! 

As for sleep, Emaline continues to be my best sleeper.  Going in around 8pm and sleeping until 8am or later (we usually have to wake her up to catch Liesels bus at 8:30).  Naps are a breeze and she sleeps for 2-3hours (again we wake her to get the bus).  

But perhaps her greatest change this past summer has been her love for the water.  Back in early June anytime she would be sprayed by anything other than warm bath water she would cry and cry.  This was shocking to us as both our other girls were pool babies since birth!  This phase didn’t last long, she is now a little fish!! Jumping in the water with her floaties  on, putting her face under water and running through the sprinkler park. 

  Our summer at the pool was definitely a success!!

And lastly, this past month we have seen the bond between all three girls really take form!  Liesel and Moira have their own little club it seems, but now that Emaline is beginning to be old enough to play, they are including her much more.  I know this will only grow, especially between MJ and Em now that Liesel is in school.   

And of course a 20mth comparison picture😊 



Nap time Curtains

So, ever since we moved into our house (2years ago) I have been dreaming of making curtains.  But things got in my way- no sewing machine, having babies, potty training kiddos, other projects- the list goes on and on.  Finally enough was enough, well that and the fact that our blinds in the front room broke…

Long ago we decided that when we got curtains they would be floor to ceiling drapes.  We both love this look and feel it would show off our 9ft ceilings! However, 108″ panels are hard to find and when you do they are either a) a hideous pattern or b) ridiculously expensive.  So making them ourselves was the only option.  

Lucky for us Joann Fabrics was having a 50% sale so we scored our fabric for $4 a yard!  Since the curtains were for our front room (which has gray horizontal stripes ) I decided to go with a white linen material.
However, we still had a problem-I do not sew nor do I have a machine.  I was excited to find tons of how tos on no sew grommet curtains.  After seeing and hearing rave reviews we thought it seemed simple enough.  I bought the grommets off of Amazon for under $7 and the no sew heavy duty iron hem tape was from hobby lobby for $2.50. Now we were ready to go!!

After I put the girls down for their afternoon nap, I laid the first panel down on my floor.  I then ironed it.

Then I marked where I wanted the hems to be.  I did 1″ hems on each length side, 1.5″ hem on the bottom and a 4″ hem at the top where the grommets would go.  After each side was marked, I ironed in a crease this made the taping go fast and easy.  Once the crease was made I laid the tape inside the hem and ironed it on.   

 Having used the no sew tape to make the girls curtains black out, I was already a huge fan of the stuff!  It is extremely easy to use and super durable!

Now for the grommets.  Following the directions on the box, I laid out the grommets on my top hem.  Marked them, cut them, and snapped them in place.  

Boom👊. And that is how you make curtains in one naptime for a total of $44( which includes the curtain rod)!!
And did I mention how amazing they make our front room look?!  


 Loving them and already dreaming of the curtains I will be making for every other room in our house…once the fabric I want goes on sale🙏

Family Time

What a fast summer!!  I still cannot believe it is over and we are going on our second week of school. Although fast, it was jam packed with fun.  The highlight of which was our annual family date weekend.

We started this tradition two years ago and have looked forward to it every year since.  This year we decided to enjoy our weekend right here in our beautiful city of Indy!  So many places to see and activities to do.  It also ended up being very budget friendly and nice to come home and enjoy our own beds before heading out again.  Not that the idea of 5 of us in one hotel room doesn’t sound relaxing and fun😬😳. 
We started off our date day at the beautiful IMA Hundred Acres.  The last time we went there Liesel was 10 days old!  Cannot believe it has taken us so long to go back, amazing trails, beautiful outside sculptures and picnic areas. 


We enjoyed lunch at the Circle Centre mall where the girls danced to live music and even got to watch drumline battles! After which both girls decided they were going to play drums  when they are older! 


Then we took the rest of the day and explored downtown.  Civil War Monument (thank you Conner prairie for making this easy for the girls to enjoy), the Circle, the downtown library, and the Canal. 


Day 1 ended with our annual stop at the Old Spaghetti Factory and of course ice cream at Brics on the Monon in Broad Ripple. 


Sunday started with everyone sleeping until almost 8am (incredible).  We then spent the day at the Children’s Museum, lunched at Bazbeauxs in Broad Ripple and finished the day swimming in our pool at home.  A truly perfect weekend, one that recharged us and bid a fabulous summer farewell.    



Choosing Joy

This entire summer the kindergarten cloud has been looming over all of our heads.  I know it’s happening and I know there is nothing I can do about it!  So, I’ve decided to embrace it ( I know less than two weeks away…it’s about time).  But I want to be excited about it, and that is why I’m choosing joy! 

Joy that we have raised a little baby who has grown into a little girl more than ready for school!  This next stage will be a huge change for our family.  We will exchange our lazy go with the flow days for a schedule that involves bus riding, teacher conferences and afternoon homework.  But we will embrace it with a smile and enjoy every minute!   

Kindergarten, we see you!  As desperately as I wish I could make you disappear, I know you won’t and I know it is our time! We are excited for a new teacher to adore. One who’s name we will all know and use daily.  We are excited for the new friends and families we will get to know and love.  And most importantly we are excited for the love of Christ we can pour out on to all those we meet this year! 

 School shopping has been done, bags are packed, and this girl is ready to go!  
Pure JOY!!!