Strawberry Jammin’

Strawberry season is a favorite over here!  Something we look forward to every summer. This summer we anticipated it even more because it was one of the activities on Liesel’s summer to dos that could be done with a broken arm.  





We picked a total of 17lbs!!🍓🍓🍓🍓. On the ride home I began dreaming of all I would make with these delicious berries…muffins, pancakes, shortcake, smoothies and of course JAM!  Little did I know how much my three little fruit flies would consume!  I had none to freeze for smoothies!!  Luckily We went right to work on jam.

The past few years I made freezer jam and have never been satisfied.  It always lacked the rich sweet berry flavor the stovetop kind had.  This year I came across a Crockpot jam recipe and could not wait to try!!   It turned out great!!! So much flavor and easy easy easy✔️

What you’ll need

* 2lbs fresh strawberries ( I used about 4lbs)

* 1cup sugar

* 1/4c lemon juice

* 1 package of pectin

Spray or grease your crockpot.  Place ingredients in a large bowl.  Using a potato masher, mix until combined.   

   Place mixture into crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4.  Stir occasionally.  

Once my just mixture had thickened, I placed it in the food processor for a bit to get consistency smooth.  

Then pour jam into mason jars.  You can put jar into fridge for upto two weeks, or into freezer. Enjoy!!



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