F I V E and Fabulous!

On Friday our Liesel girl turned 5, 5!!! In five short years this girl has changed our world for the better and we could not be more in love with her!

At 8lbs 13oz and after 28 hours of labor our Liesel Cosette was born on June 26, 2010.


It’s amazing how I look at these pictures and I can instantly remember kissing her soft newborn head for the first time.  I can almost smell her sweet baby smell.   

This year has been absolutely fabulous!!  I think the word for her fifth year would be mature.   Liesel matured into a five year old preschool graduate who is reading and ready for kindergarten!  There were a lot of changes she endured, challenges she faced, and love she poured out to everyone.   


We had such a blast celebrating our big girl!  Liesel had a special early ballerina beach birthday party in Michigan, surrounded by family.   


Her actual birthday began with a pancake breakfast, followed by a special day with Mimi and Papa at the Zoo and Butterly gardens, and ended with a surprise ice cream date!  


Every year gets better and better!  I’m sad to say goodbye to our four year old but I’m excited for this next year!! Kindergarten here we come!


Liesel’s 5th year interview…(4yr interview)

My favorite food is: Mac & Cheese (cringe)

When I grow up I want to be: a cheerleader, like Lydia

My favorite color is: rainbow color

The coolest person I know is: Drew B.

My favorite thing to do outside is: play in the pool

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to: my cousins house

When I was little I used to: drink milk from a bottle

My best friend is: Evan

My favorite song is: Jesus loves me

My favorite thing to do with my sisters is: go to the park with them 

My favorite book is: Winnie the Pooh

My favorite movie is: Rapunzel 

What I’m most excited to do now that I’m 5: the monkey bars (hopefully without breaking her arm😉)



6 years!! This weekend marked our sixth year in Indy!  I really cannot believe it.

It’s been six years since these two newly weds packed up and left Ann Arbor, the only home we’d ever known.


Starting a new adventure in a brand new place, we had no idea all that God would have in store for us.  




An amazing job for Eric.  A church to call home. Many wonderful friends.  And welcoming our three beautiful daughters.  Gods blessings are endless!  

 Looking forward to all the adventures yet to come.
Indiana, you are our HOME!