Summer To-Do’s

With the warm weather last week, I feel like we’ve stolen a few early summer days and it’s been wonderful! The kiddie pool has already made a permanent mark on our lawn and the smell of sunscreen has been detected on our girlies skin.  After-dinner walks have become the norm as well as park dates with friends.   


I want to soak up every minute.  This kindergarten thing has my emotions running wild (as you are well aware of) and I truly desire to maximize my days with the girls, for they are fleeting.  

Earlier today I had Liesel make a list of things she wants to do this summer.  With no help from me, here was her list 

 In case your aren’t fluent in 4 (almost 5!!!)year old English😉, I’ll give you her answers. Go to the beach, zoo, strawberry picking, lake, baseball game and water slide.   I decided to make a list of my to dos as well.  (Although Liesel did hit on many important ones.) This way we can check off the activities as we complete them and add new ones as we go along.  My list so far:

* Strawberry and Blueberry picking: at our favorite local farm, Spencer’s

*IMA 100 Acresis a park we haven’t visited since Liesel was a baby!  Excited for the girls to experience this attraction. 

* Indianapolis Zoo: a must do each summer.  The girls are already looking forward to their trip with Mimi and Papa!

* Hamilton 4 H fair: a free event that is wonderful with kids! Horse shows, cattle barns and more crafts than you could imagine.

* Monon Water Parkwe have been waiting until the girls were old enough to try this out.  This year will be perfect, water slides (checking off Liesels list) and spray parks, lazy river… 

*Outdoor Concerts: we are so blessed to have many venues all over Hamilton county that put on *free* concerts. We are excited to make these evening concerts a priority this year!

*Indians Game: we have a fabulous minor league team and stadium in downtown Indy and although we missed the games last year, we will be going at least once this year! 

* Indiana State Fair:  and of course we will wrap up the summer with a trip (or two) to the state fair! 

We will also be taking our trips to Michigan and Wisconsin to visit friends and family (where we will check off the lake) as well as daily trips to our neighborhood pool and local parks/splash pads.  The summer always seems to fly by and I’m sure this one will be no different.  Let me know if you have any must dos for us to add to our list!  I can’t wait for all the fun in store! 

2 thoughts on “Summer To-Do’s

  1. Sounds fun! Do you know when you will be in Michigan? Great work on the summer list, Liesel! She’ll be reading in no time:)

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