A Few Changes 

Sorry for the silence—– This year has had a busy start + I now have TWO girls who believe nap time is no longer a necessity but an option ( and one unworthy of picking most days…).  My writing time has become much harder to find most weeks!  Hoping I can be more consistent in the coming weeks and months.  

I wanted to do a brief recap on what the girls have been up to.  It’s amazing to think what our days were like a year ago, and how much has changed! 


 and Now 


Our days fly by!  Especially now that the weather has turned for the better and parks are becoming routine once again🙌 

Aside from the girls growing by leaps and bounds,  we have had some big changes over here in 2015! 




First up,  Emaline was moved into the sister room.  A change the girls have been begging for since we brought Em home from the hospital!  It’s nice having all three together, and we love having our guest room up and running (visitors welcome!!😃). 

As previously stated, we now have two-non napping girls most days.  This is probably my least favorite change so far in 2015.  I had such a great routine with Liesels quiet time.  Two has been challenging.  I still have yet to find our groove, and I mourn the loss of my easy mommy centered afternoons.  *tips for how you manage more than one quiet timer appreciated.  Especially ideas that do not involve TV or iPads.  

The older girls continue to play really well together and their pretend play is a joy to see and hear!  On our drive up to Michigan for Easter the two of them played princesses with their barbies for over an hour!  🙌🙌.  But with this good there is some bad, the bickering stage  has entered our household. That’s mine, I had it first, she’s not sharing… And on and on and on.  This is precisely why quiet time with two is not as easy as with one!  Sometimes my  time is spent more as a referee than checking off any of my to do list.  But I do believe they are learning, growing and being molded into the strong Christian girls Eric and I pray they will be!  


Now that Emaline is mobile and talking, there has definitely been the beginning shift in play from 2 to 3 sisters.  We are excited to see this shift take shape and deepen over the next year or so!  The other day I went out to run a few errands with only Em (something I never do).  I was shocked that my easy baby cried almost the whole way to and from the store.  At the end of the drive I peeked behind and saw her hand stretched towards Liesels seat. And then it clicked.  She Hated to be alone in the back of the car.  She probably didn’t know what to do with the silence.  And sure enough, once her sisters returned all was well and Emmy was smiley once again!  


I know more changes are heading our way this summer.  And of course the biggest change of all will hit us come August, kindergarten. Get ready for some blubbering mommy posts come fall!😉.   But we take all these in stride. Blessed to have the best partner to face life with and girls that, although sometimes challenging, fill me with more love and joy than I ever thought imaginable! 


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