Holy Week Activities

Our Lenten season is almost over.  Hosanna has been ringing from our lips, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!  HOSANNA in the highest!” Matthew 21:96

This year I was challenged by a dear friend to give up sleep for lent.  *chuckle* can a mom of three-under 5 have sleep to give up?😉. Yes, yes she does.  It has truly been one of the most challenging, strengthening and rewarding Lenten seasons for me.  My morning alarm goes off at 6am and I slither out of bed trying desperately to make it downstairs without the pitter patter of little feet behind me.  Once down I have about an hour to myself.  To complete my bible study, pray and spend alone with my Lord.  There are days the girls wake before I am finished, but they have gotten in the routine of either snuggling close to me as I finish or begin looking at books alone.  It has been a great way to begin our days.  One I hope to continue after our Lenten season. 

The girls and I have been busy with activities and crafts focusing on Easter and Holy Week. We have enjoyed some new ones, like these tissue paper stained glass crosses 



But the majority of our crafts and activities have been repeats of last year.  Starting with Palm Sunday,  


Each year the girls understanding of Holy Week and Easter deepens. I pray our Lord reveals himself more with each passing year to my girls and myself.  

Here is my post from last year with all the activities we have been enjoying.  I hope they will be enjoyed in your home!


Give Me Jesus 

The Easter holiday is tricky, especially when you have kids. Everywhere you look there are bunnies and eggs and spring fluff! Don’t get me wrong I love a good Reese’s peanut butter egg and egg hunt, I just want more Jesus. It’s so important to Eric and I that our girls have a firm grasp on what this holiday is all about. Last year we talked some with Liesel but this year I wanted to go deeper. For the past two weeks the girls and I have focused on the true story. We have spent everyday reading through the Easter story in their Beginner’ s Bible beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with the resurrection. They have been loving our devotional time each day, asking such great questions, that I’ve decided to start setting aside this time every day. We have always read a story from the bible to the girls each night before bed. But why do I have my devotional time while they are asleep? Don’t I want my girls to learn how important bible reading is? Don’t I want them to learn from my example? I’m excited to implement this time each morning. A time where they can get out their bibles with me and spend time alone with our Lord! 

Here are a few of our activities from the past two weeks. 

Palm Branches after reading about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey in their Beginners Bible (pgs 427-432), we made our own handprint branches. We then had fun role playing, taking turns being Jesus on the donkey while the other two yelled, hosanna hosanna in the highest!



20140416-204919.jpg  The Washing of Feet after reading pgs 437-439 in the Beginners Bible the girls took turns washing each others ( and my feet). We talked about serving each other, loving each other and how dirty the disciples feet must have been 😉


20140416-220803.jpg  Tomb Rolls death, sin, persecution, resurrection. These are all extremely hard terms for a 3 year old and 2 year old to grasp. Last year a friend of mine wrote about these rolls she made with her boys to explain the death and resurrection. I loved the idea and immediately tucked it away for this year! After reading pgs 446-458 in Beginners bible we made these to help the girls understand. ingredients 1 pkg jumbo crescent rolls 1 bag lg marshmallows 1/4 c melted butter 1/2 c sugar 1 TB cinnamon Cover Jesus ( marshmallow) in blankets ( butter and sugar/cinnamon). 

20140416-224334.jpg Next, place the crucified Jesus in the tomb ( crescent roll). Cover marshmallow completely with crescent pinching all sides. Then place tombs 

20140416-224705.jpg in a 375 degree oven for 13 minutes. Once rolls are cool, enjoy an empty tomb roll. Jesus is ALIVE


20140416-224851.jpg  Tissue Paper Crosses 



20140416-230057.jpg  Watercolor Crosses have kids paint over masking tape crosses. Once dry, carefully take the tape off. I loved how they turned out. 



20140417-142751.jpg  Pretzel Crosses Ingredients Pretzel rods White chocolate melted Sprinkles Break pretzel rod so that you have one part shorted then the other. Dip long end it chocolate then dip shorter end. Place on top of one another and add sprinkles. Let sit until chocolate is hardened and enjoy!

20140417-143442.jpg  I hope you all have a blessed Easter! He is Risen, Indeed!! 

In the morning when I rise Give me Jesus You can have all this world But give me Jesus! – Fernando Ortega


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