Rainbow Beans

This past week L and MJ school was all about rainbows.  One of my favorite themes.  High on my list to try this year was diy colored beans.  Sensory play is still big over here and rice/sand/water gets old after a while… This week was definitely the week to try out a new recipe!  It fit in perfectly with our theme😊.  

I pinned a few recipes for all different kinds of colored beans. But ultimately I went to the store in search of the cheapest white dry beans they had!  On sale were navy beans.  I grabbed a few bags and we were good to go.  Having a large quantity of food dye at home, I decided to try that first instead of paying money for watercolor dye ( recommended in a few recipes).  I had also read warnings against vinegar, and decided to follow them. 

The rest is easy.  Pour one cup of beans into a bag.  Drop about 15 drops of the color you desire.  Seal the baggie and begin mixing the beans around.  This was a favorite step for the girls.


Once your beans are the color you desire, lay them out on paper towels and make sure none are clumped together.  The allow beans to dry for 3-4 hours.  I let ours dry over night just to be safe. 

Side note, we had a slight problem with our purple beans😂. They turned out, well, black.  I think the girls were a little over zealous with the drops.  But it didn’t phase them.  Liesel even said,” I think they wanted to be more indigo than purple.”  

Once dry, have fun!  The girls had a blast just playing and exploring with them.

(I was even able to squeeze in a 45minute workout while they played happily and content-win!)

 There are so many different ways you can use them as learning tools.  Here are a few we did:

Using cupcake tins and a rainbow sheet, the girls sorted them by color. This again, kept them busy and engaged for quite some time.

We used the beans to outline sight words and letters.  

Making the beans into patterns was a huge hit!

Liesel and I also made pictures out of the beans.  I love seeing her creativity at work!

I am so glad I finally made these.  Easy, cheap, and a fabulous learning tool, what more could you want?!  I’d love to hear any other ways you use your beans!


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