On the Move

Well, life has just gotten busier- Emaline’s on the move!! Tuesday she turned 14 months and boy has this been a big month full of changes.

It seems like almost overnight miss Em went from laid back baby, barely army crawling to determined toddler getting everywhere and into everything, fast! Our honeymoon phase is over- baby proofing is in full force over here! But I can’t say I mind😃.

About three weeks ago emaline started to really get the hang of crawling up on all fours. She quickly realized how much faster she could be by this new mode of transportation. And we have already had our fair share of ,” has anyone seen Em? Oh she’s under the table eating… Or oh she’s in the bathroom about the unravel the toilet paper-again” moments.



Quickly after crawling began, so did pulling up and cruising. It also helped that we moved Emaline into the sister room at this same time. I think being able to look and see all the fun going on in the bunks at night made for quite the incentive! Now, Em pulls up on everything! She also scales our stairs and has even started standing for brief periods of time. Phew, what a month! We know it only gets crazier from here😉.

Happy 14 months Emmy Bemmy!







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