5 1/2 Years

Today is a big day over here. It is the first day in five and a half years that I am neither pregnant, nor nursing!! That’s right. I have been either growing a baby inside, or nourishing a baby outside for 5 1/2 years- non stop.

I feel blessed to have been able to carry all three of my girls to term. Three healthy births. Three beautiful healthy girls that call me Mama. It’s an honor I feel unworthy of.




Nursing was my only option. I never imagined any other way. Thankful that God honored my plea and I was able to nurse all of my girls for over a year. Liesel and Moira nursed until 15months and Emaline until nearly 14 months. I enjoyed my bonding time with each of them. Time to sit and be still and fall deeper in love with my three miracles.







But the time has come for a (much welcomed) break. We still talk and dream of a fourth. Will we be blessed with another? Only God knows the answer. For now, we are taking some time. Time to grow and mature as a family. Time for ourselves. And time to enjoy a glass of wine…or two😉

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