On the Move

Well, life has just gotten busier- Emaline’s on the move!! Tuesday she turned 14 months and boy has this been a big month full of changes.

It seems like almost overnight miss Em went from laid back baby, barely army crawling to determined toddler getting everywhere and into everything, fast! Our honeymoon phase is over- baby proofing is in full force over here! But I can’t say I mind😃.

About three weeks ago emaline started to really get the hang of crawling up on all fours. She quickly realized how much faster she could be by this new mode of transportation. And we have already had our fair share of ,” has anyone seen Em? Oh she’s under the table eating… Or oh she’s in the bathroom about the unravel the toilet paper-again” moments.



Quickly after crawling began, so did pulling up and cruising. It also helped that we moved Emaline into the sister room at this same time. I think being able to look and see all the fun going on in the bunks at night made for quite the incentive! Now, Em pulls up on everything! She also scales our stairs and has even started standing for brief periods of time. Phew, what a month! We know it only gets crazier from here😉.

Happy 14 months Emmy Bemmy!








Love Day

I love valentines day! Maybe it’s because it eases my Christmas blues with lots of pink and new decor, maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for all things romantic, or maybe it’s because it gives me an excuse to indulge in Reese’s chocolate hearts…


This year I celebrated the holiday with even more excitement. I had recently found out that valentines day was becoming obsolete in the public schools around here. Now referred to as friendship parties, kids are no longer allowed to pass out valentines or partake in fun parties filled with heart shaped everything. Waahh. Because of this I decided I really need to live up our preschool holidays!

Liesel and Moira school was filled with Heart crafts, valentine books and everything pink you could imagine!

Liesel and I had a blast making, creating and putting together her valentines. “Owl Be Your Valentine”

IMG_0593. Click here for instructions.

I also was in charge of the snacks for Liesel’s preschool party and had a blast creating a few! The first was heart shaped rice crispy treats, dipped in white chocolate, covered in sprinkles (artistically places by L &MJ) and placed on Popsicle stick. Easy, delish and fun to create!


IMG_0587. I found some cute heart bags in the dollar section at target and placed the treats inside

IMG_0589. In an attempt to get something healthy in the kiddos amidst all the candy, I put together fruit kabobs. Heart-shaped strawberries and purple grapes. Easy and at $2.50 a carton for strawberries, it was budget friendly too.



For teacher gifts I put together a little gift bag full of tea. Wanting to show our appreciation for all they do! So thankful for Liesel’s teachers this year!

IMG_0597. They surely are “TEArrific”!

On the actual holiday itself, Eric and I had big plans of a family date day. Filled with exploring our children’s museum, and getting dressed up for dinner out! But illness struck and both Eric and Moira were not 100%. Instead we opted for a relaxing day at home. It was perfect! The day started with a yummy breakfast- equipped with heart shaped bacon

IMG_0609 and ended with a trip down memory lane. Talking to the girls about our favorite love story-our own! We decided to show our wedding video and the girls couldn’t have been more excited!

IMG_0625. A few of my favorite quotes included : daddy can you dance with us like that?
Isn’t this great, Moira?
and can we watch that again, tomorrow? I really love that movie.

Heart exploded! Valentines Day 2015-you really were full of love!

MJ is 3!!!

It has definitely been a big, exciting year for our Moira Jane! She truly crossed over from baby(ish) to full blown kid!! And we couldn’t be prouder of the girl she is becoming.













This year was full of changes. Becoming potty trained, stepping up to the role of big sis, and making the switch to a real big girl bed! Moira embraced all of the changes and has definitely enjoyed letting us know “I’m just big, now!”

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

photo credit sdreevesphotography

Her love for everything baby has remained as well as her affection towards both sisters. She is kind, generous, smart, musical, loving and beautiful both inside and out. You make me want to be the very best mom I can be. We love you Moira Jane. You have captivated us with your smile and love for others. Your tender heart is one to be desired. Here is to another fabulous year, baby girl!!

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

View More: http://sdreevesphotography.pass.us/2014statlerfall

photo credit sdreevesphotography

Here is Moira’s first birthday interview. Looking forward to seeing how these answers change and evolve throughout the years.

My Favorite Food: Strawberries

When I grow up I want to: cut people’s hair

My Favorite Color is: Pink

The coolest person on Earth is: Benny Bunch

My Favorite thing to do outside is: play at the park

If I could go anywhere I’d go: to the Children’s Museum

When I was little I used to: crawl and eat food

My best friend is: Olivia

My favorite movie is: Frosty the Snowman

Now that I am three I am excited to: have a big pink birthday party!

5 1/2 Years

Today is a big day over here. It is the first day in five and a half years that I am neither pregnant, nor nursing!! That’s right. I have been either growing a baby inside, or nourishing a baby outside for 5 1/2 years- non stop.

I feel blessed to have been able to carry all three of my girls to term. Three healthy births. Three beautiful healthy girls that call me Mama. It’s an honor I feel unworthy of.




Nursing was my only option. I never imagined any other way. Thankful that God honored my plea and I was able to nurse all of my girls for over a year. Liesel and Moira nursed until 15months and Emaline until nearly 14 months. I enjoyed my bonding time with each of them. Time to sit and be still and fall deeper in love with my three miracles.







But the time has come for a (much welcomed) break. We still talk and dream of a fourth. Will we be blessed with another? Only God knows the answer. For now, we are taking some time. Time to grow and mature as a family. Time for ourselves. And time to enjoy a glass of wine…or two😉