Surviving Winter

Winter hasn’t been too bad this year. I realize we are only halfway through the season, but it’s just been pretty good to us. Last year at this time we were climbing the walls! Too cold to go out and play, too scared to take a newborn to play areas…it was hard. I really think I had a mild case of seasonal depression. This year as fall was nearing an end, I could feel myself becoming anxious and sick to my stomach, at the thought of winter knocking on our door. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised-so far so good!

One way we’ve been surviving the cold, is through an amazing gift from Mimi and Papa, a membership to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum. This in and of itself is a game changer! All three girls LOVE going there. There is tons to see and do. It takes multiple trips just to see it all. If you have never been, I truly recommend it!

However, the biggest way we are surviving the winter, is due to the fact that Liesel and Moira are older! They are more independent in all areas! For endless amounts of time they play together, alone, without Eric or I. They play dress ups, barbies, pretend. You name it. It is so nice to be able to complete chores, workouts, cooking- uninterrupted! And they can now play in the backyard without me!! This way they enjoy playing in the snow, while Emaline and I watch from the inside.

2015/01/img_0285.jpg It’s amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love playing with my girls inside and outside. I just enjoy some breaks throughout the day.



2015/01/img_0217.jpg AND if Emaline, starts to get cold after playing outside in the snow for a bit, I love that the older girls aren’t forced to stop what they are doing.



It also doesn’t hurt that we enjoyed a 50 degree sunny day today!!




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