My Girls at One

Since Emaline is officially 1, we have no “babies” in the house!  I still am in shock.  Will we have more? Only time will tell. Eric and I still go back and forth ( I’d say he’s more on board with a 4th than me- which is surprising!).  Whether God blesses us with another little bundle or not I am not sure.  But I do know we WILL be waiting longer in between.  Giving ourselves a chance to fully enjoy and indulge in life as a family of 5.

Emaline continues to be a laid back baby.  Her fussing is seldom and usually with a purpose.  She is just starting to be on the move, doing a sort of army crawl scoot ( but boy she can get places fast!).  It has been a nice 12 months of non mobile bliss, but I am glad to see her getting around.  She is also starting to walk with her play walker and her sisters are in awe!! “Mommy watch what Emmy can do!!” And ” can you even believe it” are common statements made by both older sissies.

Food is a highlight for Emaline.  She eats everything and anything!  Outeating both older girls by a landslide! I am still nursing but will be cutting back soon.

Sleep is great!  She has been sleeping 6:30-7am on a consistent basis 🙌🙌 . But has more seperation anxiety at night, needing to cry a bit before falling asleep.  I feel like this is mainly because she doesn’t have a pacifier or finger to suck on to lull her to sleep.  Naps are all over the place. She sometimes skips her morning nap all together. Especially on days where I have bible study and she is in the nursery.  More often than not she takes one long nap 2-3 hours and then a shorter 1 hour nap.

Talking has has defintley started!  She is very vocal ( not surprising since she has two older sisters to compete with). She can say mama, dada, go, please, hi, bye, kiss and really tries to mimic anything you say.  Dinner is especially noisy as she demands food ASAP! It is such an exciting age!

We had the best day celebrating the birth of Emaline Noel yesterday!  She knew it was a special day for her.  Squeals and smiles were constant from morning to night!  Here is a quick 1 year old snapshot of my girls-because I know you were all dying to see one😉 image

and of course their 1year stats-

Liesel: 21# 10oz- 60th%, 31.5 inches- 100%

Moira: 20# 6oz- 40th %, 30 inches- 60th %

Emaline: 20# 2oz- 30th%, 29.5inches- 50th%

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