Sentimental Moment

Amidst all the craziness of having three little ones, there are some sentimental moments that get sprinkled throughout my days. Today one happened that made me smile and think, we must be doing something right. For preschool Liesel had to bring in something she was thankful for to show her class for show and tell. When I asked L what she would want to bring, I expected her to choose one of her beloved stuffies, a toy, a book… But without any hesitation at all she exclaimed (with Liesel excitement) “Moira, I want to bring Moira! I am thankful she is my sister!” Cue mommy tears. I loved that her first thought, when it came to thankfulness, wasn’t of useless “things”, but of a person-her cherished sister. Liesel settled for bringing in this picture of Moira Jane,

IMG_2144.JPG. How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall today during show and tell time at school!

This special moment made me look back on some of my previous posts of the girls, a budding friendship and sister love. Look at those babies!! It was so wonderful to see that their love was prevalent so early on and continues still today. They fight like all sisters do, yell at each other, and take each other’s things- but boy do they love each other!! What more could a parent want?! And although Emaline is the baby, she is loved by them and loves them dearly.


IMG_2145.JPG Thank you God for these three little blessings in my life. And thank you also for giving me a moment today where I could smile and think- we are doing a good job as parents (cause Lord knows we all need those now and again!).


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