Guest post: Sweet Mama K

Today I was honored to take part in my ever so talented friend, Kate’s blog series: Daily Rhythms. Kate is what I refer to as an, insta-friend. When we met over two years ago we clicked immediately and became fast friends. Although we live farther now, we can still pick up right where we left off! Kate and her family have blessed ours in so many ways and I am excited for you all to see her blog.

Along with her beautiful writing, Kate has also opened up an Etsy shop. Her work is amazing!! I’m in love with it all, especially her state string art! This is one she made for our house❤️❤️

IMG_2143.JPG. gorgeous. Run over and check her out!!

Here is a sneak peak at my post over on Sweet Mama K, where I share a day in our life.

My day decided to begin at 5:45 am when I heard Moira yell, “Momma, Mommy!” Racing in to see what was wrong she sleepily said, ” I have to go potty.” I realized, at that moment, my day was starting. We have a strict rule of not going downstairs until 7. Usually if the girls wake before then, we let them play or talk in their room. This morning, because of the time, and the fact that Liesel was still asleep, I decided to bring MJ in bed with us. Amazingly, she fell back to sleep. I, however, did not. I laid there thinking of the day ahead-my do to list- until Eric got up to get ready. It was then I heard Emaline stirring and I went to nurse and change her. Eric had to leave early so he quietly came and kissed me goodbye. At 7:30 Moira woke for good and the three of us made our way downstairs. Liesel joined us around 8 and the day officially began!
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