Sentimental Moment

Amidst all the craziness of having three little ones, there are some sentimental moments that get sprinkled throughout my days. Today one happened that made me smile and think, we must be doing something right. For preschool Liesel had to bring in something she was thankful for to show her class for show and tell. When I asked L what she would want to bring, I expected her to choose one of her beloved stuffies, a toy, a book… But without any hesitation at all she exclaimed (with Liesel excitement) “Moira, I want to bring Moira! I am thankful she is my sister!” Cue mommy tears. I loved that her first thought, when it came to thankfulness, wasn’t of useless “things”, but of a person-her cherished sister. Liesel settled for bringing in this picture of Moira Jane,

IMG_2144.JPG. How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall today during show and tell time at school!

This special moment made me look back on some of my previous posts of the girls, a budding friendship and sister love. Look at those babies!! It was so wonderful to see that their love was prevalent so early on and continues still today. They fight like all sisters do, yell at each other, and take each other’s things- but boy do they love each other!! What more could a parent want?! And although Emaline is the baby, she is loved by them and loves them dearly.


IMG_2145.JPG Thank you God for these three little blessings in my life. And thank you also for giving me a moment today where I could smile and think- we are doing a good job as parents (cause Lord knows we all need those now and again!).


Guest post: Sweet Mama K

Today I was honored to take part in my ever so talented friend, Kate’s blog series: Daily Rhythms. Kate is what I refer to as an, insta-friend. When we met over two years ago we clicked immediately and became fast friends. Although we live farther now, we can still pick up right where we left off! Kate and her family have blessed ours in so many ways and I am excited for you all to see her blog.

Along with her beautiful writing, Kate has also opened up an Etsy shop. Her work is amazing!! I’m in love with it all, especially her state string art! This is one she made for our house❤️❤️

IMG_2143.JPG. gorgeous. Run over and check her out!!

Here is a sneak peak at my post over on Sweet Mama K, where I share a day in our life.

My day decided to begin at 5:45 am when I heard Moira yell, “Momma, Mommy!” Racing in to see what was wrong she sleepily said, ” I have to go potty.” I realized, at that moment, my day was starting. We have a strict rule of not going downstairs until 7. Usually if the girls wake before then, we let them play or talk in their room. This morning, because of the time, and the fact that Liesel was still asleep, I decided to bring MJ in bed with us. Amazingly, she fell back to sleep. I, however, did not. I laid there thinking of the day ahead-my do to list- until Eric got up to get ready. It was then I heard Emaline stirring and I went to nurse and change her. Eric had to leave early so he quietly came and kissed me goodbye. At 7:30 Moira woke for good and the three of us made our way downstairs. Liesel joined us around 8 and the day officially began!
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First Week RSF

Well, we made it! One whole week without refined sugars!! I really do feel better. Overall it has been an easy transition, aside from a slight headache on day two. The first thing I did was rid our entire pantry of items containing sugar ( I highly recommend this step), that way you know the “bad stuff” is not around to tempt you. This step also included ridding the house of ALL leftover Halloween candy- much to Eric’s dismay.. I really wasn’t surprised by the items that contained sugar: crackers, cereals, processed foods, etc

The hardest part for me so far has definitely been my beloved daily espresso! Ahh, I really do miss it. However, tea has been a great addition. Although I do sweeten with just a touch of honey, it is fulfilling my caffeine addiction. I foresee this being even harder come November 28th- when peppermint mochas become an allowed beverage according to Statler Christmas Regulations. Will I make the entire season without one?!!! Not so sure.

This week really put us to the test. We had my parents in to visit which led to two meals out. Proud to report we stayed strong! Eric and I even had a date night to a favorite Mexican restaurant and I didn’t get a Margarita . Sunday was a true test as the girls always get a donut at church. I warned ahead of time and although there were a few pleas, they did great! I explained how we may get a donut once and while, but this will no longer be a weekly treat.

I wanted to share a recipe we tried and enjoyed this week. carrot cake cookies. I do love to bake, and although I will be doing much less of this ( sugars or not), it was fun to find a cookie that everyone loved! These are made without sugar and butter, but are still extremely delicious and moist! This would be easy to make gluten free by swapping ww flour for gluten free flour.

1c oats
3/4c whole wheat flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1.5 tsp cinnamon
2TB coconut oil or butter, melted
1 lg egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c maple syrup
3/4 c grated carrots

In a mixing bowl pour oats, flour, baking powder and cinnamon and whisk together. In a separate bowl combine oil, egg, vanilla and maple syrup. Mix together until incorporated.

Next, combine wet and dry ingredients and stir until just mixed. Lastly, fold in carrots. Then place dough in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 minutes ( if it will be in for longer cover with plastic wrap).

As, you can see the dough was a hit. Liesel happily licked the spoon clean.


Preheat oven to 325. Place cookies on a parchment lined cookie sheet and cook for 12-15 minutes. You really want the cookies to be slightly undercooked as this ensures a soft chewy result!



Getting real

Every September I hope/ pray that this will be the fall and winter we make it through without any sickness! But every fall, someone gets it one way or another. What can I do to make our immune systems better? All three girls have been sick already and it’s only the beginning of November. I am feeling defeated.

We try to eat healthy, loading up on fruits and veggies, taking Juice Plus vitamins, limiting the junk+having good hygiene-but it’s never enough. Lately I’ve been feeling the need to make a drastic change. I figured the best way to voice my plan was on here. That way you all can keep us accountable😊. I have decided to attempt to rid ourselves of all refined sugar! Thank you Halloween for making me feel this need!! It is something I have known is terrible for a long, long time. But I have never had the guts to take the plunge. However, seeing this face has made me on fire for a change!


It’s amazing how the junk food can sneak in and before you know it, it’s out of control! I have not mapped out a detailed plan for ridding ourselves of the drug. I have decided I’m going to stop baking with it, snacks will drastically change, and no desserts will contain it. Seeing that holidays are knocking on our door, I am not sure how we will handle it. I feel strongly that there is a time and place for these indulgences- but they need to be treated carefully and as a rare occurrence. It’s important that kids understand this is a special treat, not an every night or even every weekend routine!

I would love any ideas you have. Any recipes your family loves. Or encouragement of any kind! I will try to document our adventure weekly or at least monthly. This will allow me time to reflect and alter our plan. And also, again, keep me accountable! I am excited and nervous to take this big and important step-I have been enjoying my daily homemade espresso with all the caramelly goodness…. But I cannot take my babies being sick! It’s heartbreaking! Immune systems get ready- we are going to build you up!

Thanks for letting me rant. And any helpful feedback is appreciated!