DIY Tutu Princess Dresses

And operation Halloween costumes 2014: complete. I am even three days ahead of schedule! This year the Halloween costume discussion started early. The girls were set on princesses-no changing their mind! Liesel wanted to be Sleeping Beauty I mean Aurora and MJ wanted to be Cinderella. After these decisions were made in…August, I didn’t give it much thought until we were getting closer to the holiday. I began looking around and soon found that to buy princess dresses new ( not even the “Disney” brand) were going to be around $30 easy. That is when I made a new declaration, ” if costumes are going to cost >$20 each, I would find a cheaper way to make them myself!!” So I hit up Pinterest. And of course she didn’t let me down ( she rarely does).

I found a few tutorials on tulle inspired dresses and I was sold!. You can see I am a sucker for tulle, exhibit A, exhibit B. The idea seemed fairly straightforward and easy for a non sew-er like me☺️.

I first located some crochet tube tops for girls. They are similar to the head bands, but wider. I ordered them from kissyface creations for $2 each. For Moira I order a small light blue top, and Liesel’s was a medium light pink. I received both in 2 days! Next up was the tulle. Luckily Hobby lobby had all tulle on sale for .89 per yard! To be safe I ordered 6 yards of each color ( pink and blue), I also bought one yard of white.

To make the dress you must first measure your child from the bottom of tube top to about the ankle. Then add 1 inch and multiply by 2. After finding measurements I began cutting and cutting and cutting. I made each piece about six inches wide. This process would have been easier if I would have bought the pre measured tulle but I’m cheap and those were going to cost more than twice as much! Once you have your strips cut ( good to start with 30-40), you can start threading. Take one strip, fold it in half and feed it through the bottom loop in your crochet top

IMG_2096.JPG *tip: use a crochet hook, it makes this part go very fast*. Next, pull your bottom strips through the loop and pull gently until you make a nice knot.


IMG_2098.JPG. Continue until every hole on the bottom line of your crocheted top is knotted.

Next I made the embellishments aka sleeves and bodice using the white tulle. We had a few princess dress ups ( play condition) that had a Cinderella and Aurora picture on the front. I removed the picture and hot glued them to the front of the dress. Here are the finished products.





The girls love them!! I bought two tiaras at the dollar tree and called it a wrap!




IMG_2089.JPG But what about Emaline? We can’t forget our little Emmy! I first thought I would make her a costume similar to the girls except, Snow White. I quickly nixed this idea thinking it would be too difficult to make one so small. Maybe sew her a tutu??? Then while at Target last week I saw this little Cinderella bodysuit on clearance for $8 and I was sold!


Now our little princesses are ready to trick or treat🎃
In total I spent
Tops: $4
Tulle: $10
Tiaras: $2
Cinderella suit: $8
Total- $24!!! Not bad for three costumes☺️.


Fall Aromas

Don’t you just love fall smells? All the pumpkin + apple baking with the rich spices that loom through the air, it’s bliss! When Eric and I were dating and first married one of our favorite things to do was go to Bed Bath and Beyond and find the perfect Yankee Candle for the season. A few years ago Eric even made a spread sheet of which candle would be best for each month of the year -isn’t he the best?!! But we soon discovered that at $35 a pop, our candle obsession just couldn’t fit in the budget every month. with a few exceptions, however


I decided to try some homemade scents this year to enjoy fall. We have loved the aromas floating through our house and I wanted to share the recipe with you.

Palm size of whole cloves
3-4 cinnamon sticks
1 peel of an orange
3 bay leaves
1 TB vanilla

Place ingredients in a crockpot and fill 3/4 of the way with water.

IMG_8841.JPG. Turn crockpot on high until you start to smell the scents. Then turn to low and enjoy this-cheap- fall aroma.

I’m excited to try to find the perfect Christmas recipe in a little over a month!!

Pizza Dough 2.0

Friday night is still (and will forever be) pizza night! I love routine + after a week of meal planning it’s so nice to not have to think about dinner on Friday. We always make our own pizzas using this recipe. The dough is fantastic, easy to use, and comes out perfect every.single.time. No lie-it’s truly that good!

A few weeks ago, however, we actually ordered pizza out! I know craziness. But we were celebrating an amazing week at work for the hubs and his one request was pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Have you eaten there? It’s so so good. It used to be our go to when we lived close to one a few years ago. And honestly, I’d forgotten just how delicious their pizzas- particularly their crust- was! After indulging in this rare treat, Eric went on a hunt to find a copycat recipe. I had my doubts that one would be out there when low and behold he came across this blog. We had to give it a try! And it had what seemed to be the secret ingredient-molasses.

We have now successfully made it twice and it is mouth wateringly good. The sweetness of the molasses, the hint of garlic butter and Parmesan cheese crust-mmm mmm mmm! A new fav over here forsure.

*1.5c hot water
*2pkg active dry yeast
*2TB molasses
*2tsp salt
*3.5c flour +another cup
*1TB olive oil
*2TB melted butter
*1 garlic clove minced
*parmesan cheese, grated

First mix your hot water (I popped my measuring cup in the microwave for 1:30), molasses and yeast in a mixing bowl and set aside for 10minutes. By then you will have a slightly risen molasses dough


In a separate bowl mix 3 1/2 cups of flour with salt. Add flour mixture to the molasses and pour in olive oil. Using your dough hook mix for 5 minutes.


Add in remaining flour, if necessary, until dough forms a soft ball. Pour onto a floured surface and form into a ball, then place it into a oiled bowl

IMG_8622.JPG. Cover with plastic and rise until it doubles in size, about an hour or so.


Now you are ready to make your pizza. Before I go into this section I have to explain our method for cooking. We used to be the owners of a wonderful pizza stone. It worked great until the day that this happened

IMG_8645.JPG. It was a sad day. But even before the explosion we had never been completely satisfied with the crispy-ness of our crust. We’d tried it all: corn meal, parchment/half parchment, oiled… Nothing seemed to work perfectly. Until Eric decided we should bump up our oven temperature to 500 and try not putting anything underneath the dough. I had ZERO trust in this method. But once again he was spot on! Crispy crust that didn’t even stick one bit. Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to spread the dough onto the sheet. ok, rant over-let’s get down to business.

Brush butter mixture over your crust. Then spread sauce on top. Let me recommend trader joes marinara

IMG_8632.JPG. It’s cheap and has a bright tomato taste. Then add whatever toppings you’d like. Its a bonus to have super cute helpers who insist on wearing dress ups (because why not?) and have a great system of sprinkle a little-eat a little😊



Lastly, sprinkle Parmesan cheese on the crust and pop your pizza into 500 degree oven for 8-10 minutes


Enjoy! Cheers to a fabulous pizza night



Pumpkin Muffins

It’s October! Let me say that again, it’s OCTOBER!!! I know, I can’t believe it either. This 80 degree weather really has me delightfully confused. But, none the less it is October which means- let pumpkin everything commence. Be sure to try my pumpkin spice latte recipe if you haven’t yet! We are already almost through our second batch and still remain starbucks free!!

Today I decided to try a hand at pumpkin muffins. I pulled from a few different recipes (due to ingredients I had in my pantry) and was in love with the results! I substituted yogurt for milk and brown sugar for white and the muffins were a moist , pumpkiny perfection!

*1 c pumpkin purée
*1 3/4 c flour
*1 c brown sugar
*1 TB baking powder
*1 tsp cinnamon
*1/4 tsp all spice
*1/2 tsp nutmeg
*1/2 tsp ginger
*1 c yogurt (or milk)
*1/2 c oil
*1 egg beaten

Combine all the dry ingredients and set aside. In small bowl stir pumpkin, oil, yogurt, and egg. Add the pumpkin mixture to the dry ingredients and hand mix.

IMG_8579-0.JPG Once your mixture is uniform, pour into greased or paper lined muffin tins. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees.

Now enjoy a delicious morning treat! When Eric came downstairs he said, “it smells like Grandma’s on Thanksgiving!” Can’t get a better compliment than that!


And it got rave reviews from these three taste testers!


Happy fall, happy baking!


National Coffee Day- Homemade Frappucino!

So, apparently yesterday was National Coffee Day, thank you social media for informing me of this! Not that I need a reason to indulge in coffee beverages. But none the less I took part in the coffee drinking day and decided to try a new Frappucino recipe from none other than the Pioneer Woman herself. Thank you Ree, you never disappoint!!

* 8 ounces of Espresso or strongly brewed coffee-chilled
* 6 ounces Milk
* 1/4c sweetened condensed milk
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 1/4c chocolate syrup
* ice

Once your espresso is chilled, pour into a blender. Top the coffee with all the ingredients. Add ice. I was not sure how much I would need, so I added enough to fill to the top of liquid. And then another cup on to that.


Blend until desired consistency. I added a few more tablespoons of milk to make it a tad more creamy. And boom, a delicious coffee treat to get you from 2pm until (kid) bedtime😉.

I have to admit I’m not usually a Frappucino girl. I’m more iced latte. But this was awesome!! Creamy and smooth with the perfect mocha taste. Amazing for the 80 degree “Fall” weather we’ve been experiencing! Enjoy!!