9 Months Old- Innie/Outie Day

Emaline has officially been outside of the womb as long as she was in! It’s her break even day or innie/ outie day as a Facebook friend coined a few years ago. This means she is closer to being one than a newborn!!! At this point last year I was already getting the won’t be long now comments, referring to my belly. And oh the shock people would have when I’d tell them I still had 3 months to go…HA! So so happy to have our Emmy- Bemmy here with us on the outside.

She has the best disposition! I was telling a friend the other day, if I could bottle her up as a baby- everyone would want an Emaline! She is by far my easiest baby, and the other two were easy themselves. Here is a peak at what Ms. Em has been up to these last few months.

eating: she is loving food! She has eaten everything from sweet potatoes, to asparagus, to mangos, to avocados and even ribs ( yes she passed the Statler test and LOVES BBQ just like the rest of us-she can stay😉). Although I still purée most of her food, she eats a lot of chunks or shredded food and can feed herself the pieces!

IMG_8420.JPG And as you can imagine the girls just adore feeding her! Their own real life doll

She still nurses 4-5 times a day. And unfortunately we came down with my first ever bout with thrush-ouch!! Hoping it clears up soon!

sleep: has returned!! Well, as much that can be returned with three little girls. She sleeps usually 7-5 and then eats quickly and goes back down until 8. Naps are all over the place (because our days are on the go). But Emaline adapts to whatever the day involves, sleeping in the car or Bjorne or stroller. Usually her morning nap is short and her afternoon nap is lined up with Moira’s around 2-3 hours.

milestones: As noted earlier, Emaline is in no hurry to race through these (unlike Moira). She is sitting and will sit and sit and sit. Still loving her hands. Rolling all over but not excessively. Scooting some but not crawling. The doctor wasn’t concerned and I’m loving the extra time to enjoy this non mobile baby😊. I know baby gates and child proofing will be back in our lives [again] before we know it. Em started saying dada and knows who daddy is. She also says bah bah, ma ma (not intended for me) and squeals loudly whenever she finds it appropriate: church, library…all the loud places 😉
Emaline had a few other firsts this month. Going to the zoo

IMG_8325.JPG Taking a ride in a shopping cart (sans car seat) and sitting in the high chair at a restaurant. Funny how these milestones were met much sooner with L and MJ-whoops


This past month has been filled with déjà vu moments for me. Since L is in preschool three days, Moira and Em have more time just the two of them. Going to library storytime, taking walks in the stroller, swinging together, holding hands. wasn’t I just watching Moira and Liesel doing all these things?!





Life is good. We are in a nice groove as a family and little Emaline makes it all complete!!






And of course the Statler girls at 9 months


Liesel: 30 1/4 inches, 21#
Moira: 28 3/4 inches, 18# 9oz
Emaline: 28 1/4 inches, 18# 14oz


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