So, as a parent, there are those things you swore you’d never do and then at some point during the parenting glory days you find yourself doing them… For me a few of those broken vows were car carts at the supermarket ( but I’ll add I made it 4 years before I caved! And boy has shopping been a breeze😊) and another was plastic outdoor play sets ! We are big big public park people, we go nearly every day if not twice a day to our neighborhood playground. I really never thought I’d get any sort of play set in my yard…EVER! And then, I had three girls under 4. My tune started to change a bit. I’d see the way my girls played ( and remained within the boundaries) on friends play sets and I began thinking of how easy my day would be if the older girls could climb outside while Emaline was sleeping, or nursing, or I was fixing dinner or doing yard work.

And as you all can guess, I did it. I broke another vow and bought a “little tykes climber”off a Facebook garage sale page. To my defense it was only $15, but none the less it was a large plastic toy that would live in my yard-cringe! Worth it? We’ll see!

I had seen on Pinterest people painting these ugly hideous toys and they actually looked halfway decent. After some research I decided to try Krylon Fusion for plastics spray paint

IMG_7898.JPG. I was able to buy them for $4 at walmart!! Here is how the play set looked before:


I used khaki and burgandy colors to paint over the hot pink, faded orange and gross yellow. In order to get the colors to cover I had to use a few additional paint cans. But the spraying was easy and there was no dripping or splotches. Here is the after picture:

Much more tolerable! However, it is still a plastic toy in my YARD🙈🙈😁 I will admit the girls love it!! Just tonight they played for an hour with the neighbor boy while Eric grilled hamburgers. I think it’ll be worth the $15 after all.

One thought on “Cringe!

  1. Not a fan of the plastic but with all the ones that were given to us I took them! And now our kids along with our neighbor kids spend ALOT of time running from “tower” to “tower”, while yes I do yard work or cook within ear shot! BUT I think I may paint some of them cause yours look beautiful!

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