Adventures in Gel Stain

July 13th marked one year as homeowners for Eric and I! What a fast year. We celebrated with a champagne toast on the back patio

IMG_7517.JPG …and gel staining our kitchen cabinets!!

Redoing our kitchen cabinets was high on our do to list. We picked our wall color ( Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray ) last summer with our future cabinets in mind. After much research we decided on General Finishes ” Java” gel stain.

IMG_7893.JPG. The product received rave reviews and all the “after” pictures looked beautiful.

We cannot say enough good things about the product! It was amazing. So easy to use, barely any prep needed, and such.a.difference. I would recommend gel stain to any and everyone. We chose a darker finish, but there are plenty of options. Here is a brief look at our adventures in gel staining😃

After a quick sanding ( literally 10seconds per surface) and wipe down, we were ready to begin. We used a foam brush for the application ( Joann’s had a huge pack on sale for $5). In order to get the color we wanted, we needed two coats. Unfortunately dry time= 12 hours. But we were in no hurry! We divided the kitchen into sections and tackled one at a time. I think it took us about 3 weeks to finish the entire project. Not bad. Considering it was easy and low low stress. We enjoyed working on this project together after the girls were in bed each night. You could easily hammer this project out it far less time, but we wanted to take it easy.

In total we spent $40 on gel stain (2 quarts needed for entire kitchen) and $5 on brushes. Here are a few pictures from our kitchen



IMG_2027.JPG. We also replaced the hardware on the cabinets with a simple brushed nickel handle. We bought them at lowes ( over the course of the last year we’d buy a few here and there) for $2 each. I think the dark stain really makes them pop!


Next kitchen projects include backsplash, thinking gray subway tiles like this

IMG_2030.JPG (photo credit) thoughts??? And then down the road installing new flooring ourselves😳. Being homeowners is the best, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming!

Happy gel staining everyone!

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Gel Stain

  1. Yes!! Just now saw this and I LOVE it!! Such a dramatic difference! I think the gray subway tiles would be great choice too! I love that you guys celebrate and really appreciate being homeowners…it truly is so fun to be able to plan and dream and then execute and watch all of your hard work pay off! Love it!

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