Summer Learning

If your summer days are like ours, then you are constantly busy: pools, parks, friends, walks, you name it! I love the go with the flow schedule that encompasses much of our day. But, I hate to let our learning go completely by the wayside! It’s extremely hard to get through the larger lessons/themes in the summer. So I have come up with a few activities to do with the girls each day. If we don’t get to them all because it’s gorgeous and the pool is calling our name-again, no biggie! However, it gives us an opportunity (with little prep/time) to make sure we continue to move forward.

Devotional Time: I love this time each morning with the girls!! As mentioned in my previous post, Give Me Jesus, I really wanted to incorporate a quiet time into our day. I found this devotional on amazon and decided to give it a try:

20140710-143348-52428280.jpg. It’s slightly over MJs head but perfect for Liesel.

20140710-143631-52591763.jpg Even Emaline joins 😂.
Both girls listen and answer the questions. And I love how each devotion is followed by a hands on ( no prep) activity. One lesson was on patience, so we made pancakes to help show its importance.


Reading Time: Liesel has really started to take off on her reading. Sounding out words, using sight words. It’s exciting!!! (The former teacher in me is squealing with delight) we have been using the Bob Books. Can’t say enough good things about them!! They stick to words that can be sounded out phonetically and sight words. A lot of the level 1 readers at the library are so advanced. With the Bob books Liesel can read them out loud easily and it moves her quickly to the next stages.

20140710-144719-53239699.jpg Reading to her sisters is a highlight for everyone!

Along with reading the books I make a few quick lessons surrounding the new sight words introduced. I found these dry erase boards in the Target dollar section (win) and both girls have enjoyed practicing their writing.


Journaling: a dear friend/momma over at, Dino in the dryer posted on journaling a while back and I LOVED the idea! So after finding some notebooks on clearance, we’ve incorporated journaling into our days. It has been such a joy to hear the girls answers to questions and gives us a great opportunity to really connect each day. For now I write the sentence ” I liked the slide the best” (Liesel) when asked about a park date or ” Watermelon is my favorite” (Moira) when asked about a picnic lunch. After I write what the girls say, they have time to draw a picture about their topic.

20140710-150036-54036659.jpg Here are a few of my favorites entries:


20140710-150416-54256643.jpg(good thing big sis was there to help MJ write her name😊). Liesel has even started writing her sentences (with my help) and I anticipate her beginning to sound out and write her own sentences down the road.

Summer days are a blast, can’t believe we are almost to the middle of July! Slow down time we have so much more we want to accomplish!!!



Two weeks ago I had the scariest day as a mother to date! We were hours away from leaving for Michigan and I was way behind on packing/ cleaning ( I blame our kitchen gel staining project for keeping me from having this done the night before 😠). Eric, the saint husband, decided to take the girls for a walk to the park while I finished some of the to-do list. They’d run off some energy, I’d get us on the road faster win-win.

Minutes later I hear crying- the crying no mother wants to hear, the crying so intense you know instantly something is terribly wrong. Running to the kitchen I see Eric holding Moira’s head and blood is everywhere! MJ was running down the sidewalk and tripped and fell. Trying to stay calm, I take one look at the cut on her forehead and know we have to go in. I quickly throw a bandaid on her head and hand her a juice pop ( amazing what these little suckers do for a crying child). She was so calm, while I was freakin out inside.

Throughout the entire ER visit Moira was rock star!!! Answering all the questions and flashing her smile whenever she could. When I learned we had to do stitches my heart broke. I hated that MJ would have to go through this. Luckily we had our trip to Grandmas to talk about. This and TV got us through!

When the doctor began work on her-forehead, we didn’t need to restrain at all. Moira laid perfectly still holding my hand the entire time! She winced slightly during the shot portion (5 shots in the head mind you) – they had applied topical numbing gel, but jeez I thought it was never going to end!!! I tried my hardest to be calm – not looking at the work being done, just focusing on her sweet face. Halfway through I began feeling woozy, it was one of those out of body experiences. I kept telling my self to step it up, not to faint, but I was out of control. The doctor calmly looked at me and said “I’m going to call someone in, you are white as a ghost”. seriously tricia?! I remember thinking, you birthed three girls naturally and you can’t make it through a stitch session?. A wet washcloth and a few deep breaths later, I was good to go ( never had to let go of MJs hand).

When the doctor finished the last stitch and congratulated Moira on being the best child he’d ever stitched, she sat up smiled, pointed to her arm and said I didn’t get a shot!! oh honey, you are so right- not a single one😁.


Moira continued to be an angel. She never complained while in Michigan that she couldn’t swim in the lake and dunk her head in the water, she never cried when I changed her band aide and it pinched her skin, and she never talked about her visit to the ER in a I’ve been scarred for life way. These are such blessings! Reminders that even in those scary parenting moments, God is always there!

The steadfast love of The Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

And I am simply amazed at how fast she is healing! Here is a picture, less than two weeks from the incident and you can barely see it!

Thank-you Jesus!

Now, let’s never go through any of that again MJ!!!