Half a year old!

I really cannot believe our Emaline Noel is 6months old today!!!! Time truly gets faster the more kids you have and the older you get. It seems like yesterday we were awaiting her arrival (click here to read her birth story ) and now she is half a year old.

What an absolute blessing she has been to our family. She gives easy baby a new meaning. Never demanding, always patient, content and full of smiles! Eric and I both agree if she was trying to talk us out of having a fourth she’s failing- miserably! (no baby plans, just always leaving the door open for down the road. Let me rephrase-way down the road).

This is what miss Em has been upto the last few months.

eating strictly nursing 5 times a day for only 10 minutes, 15min max! (Talk about accommodating the crazy schedule of two busy older sisters😉) We will be starting food here soon, excited to begin the baby food process again. Here’s my blogpost on baby food.

sleeping well we have back-slid some in this area. Right around 5mths she went from sleeping 10-11hr stretches to waking once sometimes twice. Can’t complain too much, she eats super fast and goes right back down. For some reason L and MJ did the exact same thing at 5mths. Hoping we get back on track soon🙏!

milestones like stated earlier she is a laid back, content baby. She seems in no hurry to race through stages ( and I can’t say I mind!!) We know she can roll both ways as she wakes up from every nap/ bedtime on her back- but we have yet to witness. There have even been a handful of evenings that Eric and I have been deep in conversation and look down to a smiley Emaline in a completely new position. I think she likes to have her own secrets Not sitting yet, but very close! And scoots some but never far or in any sort of hurry. She usually lays or sits on a lap studying her hands for-ever. Honestly the other day at the pool we were there for over two hours and Emaline (who was awake) stayed in the car seat the entire time! Bless her! She sprouted two bottom teeth around four months. And just like her older sisters, she has zero issue cutting teeth, PTL!

personality lots and lots of smiles. We joke and say it’s her way of keeping the attention! Any stranger that gives her eye contact gets a gigantic smile. She also loves to giggle, especially at her older sisters






As you can see she is adored by both older sisters!

names as most of you know Eric is not fond of nick names. Each name was carefully selected with full intent of being used in its entirety. However, Emaline is so easy to make into nicknames!! Liesel loves to call her Emaline-no or Emmy-Bemmy. I call her Em or Emmy. (Eric is not sold….yet😉) We’ll see what happens as she gets older.

A few pics of our happy 6month old!!









And a photo of all three at 6 months

Emaline falls right in the middle as far as size:
L-27 3/4″ and 19#
MJ- 27 1/4″ and 17.5#
Em- 27 1/2″ and 17# 14oz

Not sure who she looks like? Let me help


A definite daddy’s girl through and through!!

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