Date Nights “in”

With three kids three years and under, getting out on dates are rare. Eric and I have really tried to keep our date nights going by having them at home once the girls are in bed. It’s so easy to get into a rut of watching a movie or show ( currently loving Breaking Bad) and having little to no conversations in the evening. Lately we have been making our dates more meaningful and different. Playing a board game, having a nice dinner, reading a book out loud, are a few ways. A friend gave me a great idea a little while ago to have our own happy hour dates! We have been loving this idea, especially with the weather being such that we can sit outside and enjoy an appetizer and new drink of choice!

This past weekend we had a throwback to our Ann Arbor days happy hour! We enjoyed some homemade red sangria, to remind us of one of our favorite spots Dominick’s, and bruschetta, an appetizer we loved to get at Pizza House. We spent the evening reminiscing on old days, laughing about our current life and planning for our future house projects.

If you find yourself in a similar boat, stuck in due to kids or just wanting to save money/ not deal with the hustle and bustle of going out, then I recommend happy hour date nights! It’s a great way to connect with your honey. Here are our recipes from last night, enjoy!

Red Sangria
2 lg juice oranges
1 lemon
1 bottle of Red Wine, dry
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1/4 cup sugar

Wash and slice one orange and lemon. Place in bottom of your pitcher. In your food process grind sugar until super fine and pour over fruit. Crush slightly with a wooden spoon, just until juices start flowing then stir until sugar dissolves.

Next, juice your second orange and add to pitcher. Then add in wine and Triple Sec. Stir and refrigerate for 2-8hours.

20140413-161107.jpg best served in mason jars for true authentic, Dominick’s fashion😉

1 baguette, sliced
3 Roma tomatoes, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 TB olive oil
1TB balsamic vinegar
3 basil leaves, chopped
Pinch of salt
8 oz fresh mozzarella, sliced

Mix tomatoes through salt together in a bowl. Taste and alter accordingly. Honestly, I eyeball all of the ingredients adding a little more of this and that. So feel free to as well!

Butter both sides of baguette slices and toast on a griddle until just slightly browned. Add a heaping spoonful of tomato mixture on each piece and place a mozzarella slice on top. So easy and so delicious!


Here’s our finished happy hour


So great to reconnect with this man, my love!


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