Happy Spring!! It is officially the first day of spring over here which means we are able to exhale (ever so slowly). Is winter really over? Did we truly survive the polar vortex? Only time will tell. But I do know that today on my walk with the girls I heard birds chirping, saw buds beginning to pop on trees and saw ducks in the pond. Exhale.

This winter has been one to remember and forget?! Well not the joy of December 17th, but the bitter cold, being in hibernation, and the countless inches of snow. We bid you farewell.

Some things I am looking forward to this spring:
beginning my first vegetable and herb garden– more blogposts on this adventure to come!
making numerous trips to local parks
sitting on the back patio at night with the hubs
smelling the fresh scent of grass and dirt– one of the best smells of spring IMO
spring cleaning– it’s our first spring in our new house and I could not be more excited for this!!
taking walks as a family
conner prairie’s outdoor exhibits opening

Spring we welcome you with open arms!





And a few pics of Miss Em on her 3 month birthday




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