Potty Trained in a Week

Seriously, I can hardly believe the title of this post myself! But with barely any effort, MJ is completely potty trained (aside from sleep)!! PTL.

Back in Seprember, Moira was showing interest in the potty. Before bath time she would ask to sit and more often than not she’d go! I brushed this aside. Not ready to start the whole process myself. (Bad Mommy). With a little one on the way I believed having MJ remain in diapers would be much easier on me.

However, Moira had other ideas. She continued to show signs, and I continued to look the other way. Until her 2year well visit. I had a good talk with my doctor and she really encouraged me to go for it! So, after some thought we decided now just may be the best time ( since we were stuck inside-thank you polar vortex number??).

And wow, all I can say is wow. By the middle of day 1 she was initiating and had only two small accidents. I remember when potty training L, it seemed to take forever to initiate. I was constantly making her sit every 15 minutes.. Moira really got the potty training thing right off the bat. A lot of this, I believe, was due to having an older sis who she’d been watching go to the bathroom for the last two years. By day 2 we weren’t doing any naked time, she was fully dressed ( most of the time). The look on MJs face when she was finally able to wear her own big girl undies ( which she calls Minnie’s) was priceless.

By day 3 we were embarking out and about in big girl undies. Again, huge difference from Liesel. I don’t think we went out in public without a pull-up on for at least two+ weeks… Moira had zero difficulty going on the bigger potties either. She actually snubs the little potty here at home. She wants to be just like big sis, of course! And that big sis has been MJs biggest supporter! Cheering her on, giving the biggest hugs with pure excitement at another pee or poop in the potty! Its been fun to see the two interact through this big life event ( for a two year old). Of course it helped that Liesel would get a yogurt pretzel as well when MJ went😉

Here we are just two weeks later and I already forget that she used to be in diapers full time. And I am happy to report we have had just one accident all week!! I think it’s safe to say, she’s potty trained! Jesus knew I could not handle a battle, so he gave the blessing-of the easiest potty training experience possible- to us. Of this I am certain!

We have had a few interesting out and about excursions. One of which was last Wednesday. I decided to take the three girls to the library after naps. The minute we pulled into the library Em woke up and began to wail. Once down in the play area,she continued to cry. So after getting the older girls situated with books/blocks, I took Emaline out to bob back to sleep. Low and behold, Moira looks at me with the I have to go now face and exclaims potty! With Emaline still in hands I grab Moira and Liesel and race us all to the bath room ( leaving stroller, purse, jackets etc by the wayside). Liesel helped pull MJs pants down bc I still had Em in arms, and I somehow plop her on the potty. She goes. Success! Liesel again assists pulling pants back up, we use hand sanitizer bc the sink was far too high, and walk back to play area to resume fun time for the next hour. But, phew. For a moment there was much panicking. Just a slight glimpse into how crazy it can be sometimes over here😊 wonderful, but crazy!





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