Two Month Check In

Emaline Noel has been part of our family for two whole months! Amazing. We cannot imagine life without her. It’s always crazy how fast you adapt to a new way of life, quickly forgetting that it was ever any different.

I am constantly asked by friends, preschool moms, family etc how is it with three??

Well to paraphrase one of our favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, just imagine that you’re drowning. And then somebody hands you a baby. Click here to watch his standup routine on parenting. It is hilarious😃

But actually, sometimes I feel like my response must seem unbelievable. Because by and large life is great! We have easily found our new norm as a family of five. And similarly to adding a second, the newborn is the easy one. Our life was crazy before having Emaline. I wouldn’t say it has gotten much crazier with adding a third. ( note: I’m confident this response will change as Emaline begins to move around etc but for now I relish in the ease of a non-mobile infant).

Emaline has easily fit into our family. She is very laid back. Often content laying on the floor watching and listening to her older sisters playing. She sleeps anywhere. I truly think the louder it is the better she does! If she does have a fussy time it’s in the evening once the older girls are in bed. But even her fussy times are short lived and easily managed. She continues to be a rock star sleeper, now sleeping in her own room, she gives us 6-7hr stretches and even a handful of 8hours. Honestly she can be a better sleeper then MJ at times😉. She also naps extremely well, probably the best of all three at such an early age. During the day she’ll take 2-3 hour naps and we have shifted from sleeping in bouncer/car seat/floor to primarily in her crib. Although at least 1 or 2 naps may be elsewhere. In the last few weeks Emaline has even began to smile. Such a joy to see. Liesel and Moira often make it their mission to get as many smiles as possible ( we thought MJ had it bad with just Liesel. Poor Emaline is loved to death by two big sisters)!

The older girls love on their baby sis and have continued to adjust quite well to a new member in the family. Moira was sick this past week and thus demanded much more mommy time. Since Em is so laid back, I was able to devote much of my attention to MJ. The girls are always looking out for baby Emaline. Wondering where she is at all times. Moira is often kissing her and saying Emaline is so so cute!. Liesel is still a little over zealous with her kisses, but has become such a good helper- locating diapers, pacis, fetching burp clothes etc. What a difference this time around!

Now, don’t let me mislead you. It is not by any means easy with three, it just isn’t much harder than having two! I was talking to a dear friend the other day, who has two little girls just a few months younger than L and MJ, and she said don’t tell me how easy having a third is so that I go and have one and find that it’s the hardest ever! You made me think it was easy with two and it’s hard! touché. It is hard. However, for me, going from Zero to one kid was truly the hardest. Once we had already changed our lives to fit in a baby, adding to that number does not compare. Especially since our girls are so close in age ( 3.5, ,2 and 2mths). We are used to living life on less sleep, we are used to running after toddlers and changing diapers. Life is really not much crazier, honest.

Probably the hardest thing to do with three little ones is getting.out.the.door! Seriously, it’s ridiculous how time consuming this task can be. A lot of this is due to the young ages of our girls. Liesel (3.5) is not quite independent enough. She can put on her pants- but not her shirt, she can put on her coat- but not zip it up, she can get in her car seat and buckle the top buckle- but not the bottom… Moira (just 2) is still needy in all areas, and Emaline needs everything + nurses. It never fails, Eric and I will be getting all the girls ready to get out the door when I look at the time and realize well, I might as well feed Em now. Eric’s face is usually priceless. hurry up and…wait! However, once out the door life is easy! Our girls love getting out and about whether a short trip to Target or Barnes and Noble, or a longer one to Conner prairie or the Library. They love seeing people and having a change of scenery. (So do I).

A few other areas that have been more challenging. Not necessarily harder, just in need of more planning are: daily chores, alone time, having one on one time with each girl and date nights. With two kids I had my routine of when I would do each of my chores each day. Now that time is usually filled with nursing or changing diapers. I have had to put off some chores and work harder to fit them in each day. I have also not resumed my early morning wake ups. I am hoping to start doing these again soon, I miss my alone time each morning. It is also very important to Eric and I to spend one on one time with each girl ( primarily L and MJ since they are more aware). Our weeks just fly and it is hard to manage time on the weekend trying to fit in family time, alone time and alone time with each girl. We are still working at getting a system in place. Date nights aside from a few times when my mom was in town, have been non existent. We are hoping to start going out just the two of us again, but for now we enjoy our date nights in with a glass of wine and a nice dinner. It helps that the older girls are in bed by 7:30!

highlights of Em’s second month
started smiling

met Grandpa Keith and Aunt Jen


moved into her own room

two month doctor visit: 13#3oz and 24.5in! Growing like crazy


And a comparison photo of all three girls at 2mths. Who do you think she looks like?



2 thoughts on “Two Month Check In

  1. Emaline sounds like an easy, easy baby!! PtL! I can totally see how she has just fit so nicely into your family! I’m with you-/-going from zero to one was so much harder than going from 1-2. I’m sure her being so easy and the girls loving her so much has definitely helped! I have no doubts that you will return to your super mom status of cleaning, waking up early, planning fun home school activities, and making delicious meals soon! Just keep taking it one day at a time and it will all come back before you know it 😉

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