Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

In January MJ was adamant about having a Tinkerbell birthday. I think this is due to the girls Halloween costumes

20140214-133837.jpg. Considering that both girls have only watched Peter Pan once and neither have seen any Tinkerbell movies. Either way, Tinkerbell was the plan and I quickly began thinking of cake ideas.

Pinterest had some great ideas but a lot of them involved fondet frosting or cupcakes. Finally after much searching I came across an awesome blog post. The cake was exactly what I invisioned and I felt it was one I could probably due. I was extremely pleased with how it turned out!

For the cake I cheated and used Betty Crocker’s, rainbow chip ( not to be confused with pillsbury funfetti). Rainbow chip is an all time fav! Using two 8inch round pans I baked the cake. In addition I made another box of the mix and put half in my glass Pyrex mixing bowl and the remainder in cupcake tins.


After a cutting a whole in the middle of the cake, I slid Tinkerbell in the cake and frosted her into place. Using buttercream frosting I frosted the outside. I let the cake sit overnight and then finished the decorating in the morning. Here is the finished cake,


We kept the cake hidden until the party. Moira loved it and yelled Tinkerbell when the cake appeared.



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