Beach Week

The Beach Boys were blaring, swimsuits and flip flops were on and sand was everywhere… It was beach theme for L and MJ school this week!! My original plan was penguins, but when I saw that the temperatures were going to be in the negatives again!! I scratched those plans and thought, if we can’t get warmer temps we can at least pretend. What a blast and it was definitely good for all of our psyches!

Here are a few of the activities we enjoyed throughout the week:

Beach Party
To introduce the theme on Monday I had the girls put on their swimsuits, we got out the beach towels and swim rings and had a dance party!




Goldfish Sorting/Graphing
Using colored Goldfish crackers we worked on sorting ( for Moira) and graphing with numbers ( for Liesel). Both girls loved this especially since they then were able to indulge in the rare goldfish snack too.



Number/ Color Fishing
Using magnetic fishing polls (aka hot gluing magnets to the end of string) the enjoyed an afternoon of endless fun! For Moira we focused on colors ( red was the color of the week) so I cut out fish in a variety of construction paper colors and attached a paper clip to the front of them. Since Liesel was focusing on her teen numbers I wrote those numbers on each fish. Everytime the girls caught a fish they had to name either the color or number. We played this over and over again, and naturally bathing suits were on again😉




Beach Ball Toss
This weeks letter was Bb so a beach ball was a necessity! Each girl had their own ball, Moira’s had capital letters and Liesels had lowercase letters.

20140201-141004.jpg When thrown a ball, the girls would have to say the letter each hand landed on. We eventually took it a step farther and they had to say the letter sound as well. For Liesel we took it another step and she had to come up with a word for each letter as well.


Sensory Play
This week for sensory play I made a beach scene. Complete with shells, starfish, umbrellas and of course SAND!

20140201-141709.jpg I allowed the girls to play with the tub upstairs on a big blanket. They did awesome! I’m happy to report no sand was thrown and it all was contained on the blanket, phew! This activity kept them entertained for an hour, no joke! It was amazing. They sorted the objects, counted them, stacked them and just had a great time. I did absolutely zero direction and was able to sit back and watch. Well worth the $8 spent at Hobby Lobby.




Emaline cannot wait to join her sisters in the fun!!


Beach Picnic
We ended the week with a fun picnic snack time. I made little palm trees out of bananas, kiwi and chocolate chips. They also enjoyed a delicious coconut smoothie.




This was definitely the perfect way to escape the polar vortex and enjoy some warmer temps! Next week we are off to Sochi for a week filled with Olympic fun.


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