One week in

Well, we’ve survived our first week as a family of five!! It has been a crazy, emotional, wonderful and everything in between, one! I can honestly say it has gone as good as it could have. Especially with the busy-ness that surrounds Christmas.

Emaline Noel has made the transition easy ( one forgets the ease of a newborn- sleep-eat-poop-eyes peak open-repeat). She seems so laid back, but don’t all newborns? Time will tell. She has spoiled us with sleep giving us 4-5 hour stretches at night followed by an additional 3-4 hr stretch. Christmas eve night she even slept 6 hours!! I think we have her 9#14oz size to thank for this😊 Feedings have gone great. She eats about every 2.5-3 hrs during the day. It’s keeping her awake that’s tricky.

The older girls have also adapted this new routine/change incredibly well!! At the hospital Liesel could barely take her eyes off Emaline. She wanted to hold her desperately!


20131226-143150.jpg At one point Liesel (unprompted) began singing you are my sunshine to her baby sister while she was fussing. Heart broke. Moira was a little more unsure at first. She gave her kisses in the hospital but was far more interested in every button, wire, and everything else a small hospital room has to offer😉 This changed the second day she visited and especially once we came home. MJ has been all about baby Emaline ( as she calls her). The kisses come by the hundreds.


20131226-143700.jpg And there has been zero jealousy issues, not even a hint!!! I was concerned about this, especially with MJ. As long as Moira can see me she is fine. She could careless if I’m holding, feeding or attending to Emaline, she only wants me close by.

However, the person who has really made this transition go so easily is my husband! Guys, he has been a rock star! Not that I am shocked. Just truly blessed by this man day in and day out. With our other girls we had the luxury of having my mom here the first week. This eased so much of the work load while I was in resting state. Because of schedules we asked my mom to wait and come in January when L would be back to preschool and Eric’s work would be incredibly busy. I know it will be a time we will absolutely need a third person. That being said. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING fell on Eric’s shoulders. And because of Christmas and other peoples busy schedules with visitors etc we didn’t have much help not even many stop bys. Somehow the laundry, grocery shopping, dinner prep, girls needs+my needs were all met! Again, so blessed.

The hardest part of post-partum has been the restriction of stairs! My doctor and nurses were very strong on limiting my stair climb to once a day. This was the first time we’ve lived in a house with stairs and boy it’s been hard! I have felt so much more handicapped and trapped this time around. I am sure it was important for my healing but it did take a toll on my mental health.

Other than that everything has gone really well. My recovery has gone great. Slightly more painful then MJs but definitely easier than Ls. For the last few days I have felt almost completely normal! Just in time for Christmas ( thanks Emaline for allowing this to happen). I will post her 6 hr birth story soon. For now here is a quick glimpse at our first week in.








Heading home, after 24 hours to the minute, from the hospital.











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