Winter Wonderland

This post originally was going to only be about the winter wonderland Eric and I created for the girls. But with all the snow we’ve gotten overnight (and are continuing to get) it’s a two part post. Enjoy the pictures😃❄️

Eric and I have always loved traditions! While dating we would dream about the traditions we’d have once married and especially once we had kids!! Christmas time is the perfect season for them, from advent wreaths to tree decorating and everything in between. Last year, after being inspired by Elf the movie, we created our first winter wonderland for the girls. It is a tradition we continued this year and will do for years to come! It’s the perfect way to surprise your kids. They will never know when the wonderland will appear during December. And they’ll never know who made it appear! Santa? Elves? Mom and dad? It’s just part of Christmas Magic (nod to my Quinn relatives😊😉) All it takes is paper, patience, and creativity! Oh and time, it’s slightly time consuming.

Here was our finished product!



The girls were so excited Friday morning when they woke up to all the snowflakes, their reactions were priceless!


How fitting that come the very next morning they woke up to a winter wonderland outside!! The ground was a beautiful white blanket and the snow continued all day. After breakfast we all bundled up and went on a walk to our neighborhood park. Lots of sledding, giggles and even a snowman to boot! Love having snow in December, makes the season much more merry. Here are a few pictures from our fun in the snow!







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