Highlights from our 2013

What a year! Definitely one to be remembered and cherished!

After spending two weeks back home in Michigan for the holidays, it was time to get back to normal. January was fairly quiet, and I can’t say we minded a bit! Moira began taking her first steps and Liesel enjoyed playing with her new toys.



Our Moira Jane turned one on February 8th!

Eric and I also enjoyed a romantic valentines celebration at home😘


Came in like a lion, with almost a foot of snow!! Luckily it went out like a lamb and we were able to enjoy our first park days and celebrated Easter in light jackets.




Was a big month! With the weather finally in spring mode, we enjoyed numerous trips to the park. We found out we had to start a house hunt, unsure if we’d be renting or buying. I celebrated my last birthday in my 20s and it was the month we found out God would be adding to our cozy family of four. A new baby was to born in December!!



The house hunt continued. We enjoyed a fabulous trip to North Carolina to visit Nina and grandpa. And we told our family and friends the exciting news of baby Statler #3!



We put an offer on our first house and it was accepted!! Liesel celebrated her 3rd birthday in Michigan and we moved into Mimi and Papas house until our undetermined closing date. Phew busy month!!



The girls enjoyed their first firework show and got to stay up way past bedtime. We went on our first family trip, not to see family, to Cinncinati. And, finally, after over two weeks of homelessness, we closed on our first house!!!



In August we were busy doing house projects. The girls spent countless hours swimming in our neighborhood pool. And Liesel started her very first day of preschool!!



Fall was finally here! We enjoyed multiple trips to our favorite Apple Orchard and made lots of yummy apple treats! Only 15 weeks until our baby would arrive!!




Halloween time! The girls enjoyed many Halloween crafts, a trip to the pumpkin patch and of course trick or treating. The cutest fairies I’ve ever seen😉



We celebrated Eric’s 30th birthday! We also had a wonderful trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving with cousins!



We welcomed our Christmas angel, Emaline Noel on December 17th. We enjoyed our very first Christmas as a family of five in our new home, what joy!!



2014, you have a lot to live up too. Excited to see what this new year brings for our family. Happy New Year everyone!


One week in

Well, we’ve survived our first week as a family of five!! It has been a crazy, emotional, wonderful and everything in between, one! I can honestly say it has gone as good as it could have. Especially with the busy-ness that surrounds Christmas.

Emaline Noel has made the transition easy ( one forgets the ease of a newborn- sleep-eat-poop-eyes peak open-repeat). She seems so laid back, but don’t all newborns? Time will tell. She has spoiled us with sleep giving us 4-5 hour stretches at night followed by an additional 3-4 hr stretch. Christmas eve night she even slept 6 hours!! I think we have her 9#14oz size to thank for this😊 Feedings have gone great. She eats about every 2.5-3 hrs during the day. It’s keeping her awake that’s tricky.

The older girls have also adapted this new routine/change incredibly well!! At the hospital Liesel could barely take her eyes off Emaline. She wanted to hold her desperately!


20131226-143150.jpg At one point Liesel (unprompted) began singing you are my sunshine to her baby sister while she was fussing. Heart broke. Moira was a little more unsure at first. She gave her kisses in the hospital but was far more interested in every button, wire, and everything else a small hospital room has to offer😉 This changed the second day she visited and especially once we came home. MJ has been all about baby Emaline ( as she calls her). The kisses come by the hundreds.


20131226-143700.jpg And there has been zero jealousy issues, not even a hint!!! I was concerned about this, especially with MJ. As long as Moira can see me she is fine. She could careless if I’m holding, feeding or attending to Emaline, she only wants me close by.

However, the person who has really made this transition go so easily is my husband! Guys, he has been a rock star! Not that I am shocked. Just truly blessed by this man day in and day out. With our other girls we had the luxury of having my mom here the first week. This eased so much of the work load while I was in resting state. Because of schedules we asked my mom to wait and come in January when L would be back to preschool and Eric’s work would be incredibly busy. I know it will be a time we will absolutely need a third person. That being said. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING fell on Eric’s shoulders. And because of Christmas and other peoples busy schedules with visitors etc we didn’t have much help not even many stop bys. Somehow the laundry, grocery shopping, dinner prep, girls needs+my needs were all met! Again, so blessed.

The hardest part of post-partum has been the restriction of stairs! My doctor and nurses were very strong on limiting my stair climb to once a day. This was the first time we’ve lived in a house with stairs and boy it’s been hard! I have felt so much more handicapped and trapped this time around. I am sure it was important for my healing but it did take a toll on my mental health.

Other than that everything has gone really well. My recovery has gone great. Slightly more painful then MJs but definitely easier than Ls. For the last few days I have felt almost completely normal! Just in time for Christmas ( thanks Emaline for allowing this to happen). I will post her 6 hr birth story soon. For now here is a quick glimpse at our first week in.








Heading home, after 24 hours to the minute, from the hospital.










Winter Wonderland

This post originally was going to only be about the winter wonderland Eric and I created for the girls. But with all the snow we’ve gotten overnight (and are continuing to get) it’s a two part post. Enjoy the pictures😃❄️

Eric and I have always loved traditions! While dating we would dream about the traditions we’d have once married and especially once we had kids!! Christmas time is the perfect season for them, from advent wreaths to tree decorating and everything in between. Last year, after being inspired by Elf the movie, we created our first winter wonderland for the girls. It is a tradition we continued this year and will do for years to come! It’s the perfect way to surprise your kids. They will never know when the wonderland will appear during December. And they’ll never know who made it appear! Santa? Elves? Mom and dad? It’s just part of Christmas Magic (nod to my Quinn relatives😊😉) All it takes is paper, patience, and creativity! Oh and time, it’s slightly time consuming.

Here was our finished product!



The girls were so excited Friday morning when they woke up to all the snowflakes, their reactions were priceless!


How fitting that come the very next morning they woke up to a winter wonderland outside!! The ground was a beautiful white blanket and the snow continued all day. After breakfast we all bundled up and went on a walk to our neighborhood park. Lots of sledding, giggles and even a snowman to boot! Love having snow in December, makes the season much more merry. Here are a few pictures from our fun in the snow!







9 months: Q &A

I’ve never done one of these posts, but always love reading them on other blogs. Since we are getting close to baby time the texts and emails and calls have been coming to see how we are holding up. I thought this is a perfect way to get all the info out in the open. So here goes…

How am I feeling? other than huge?! Ha. Pretty good. I still continue to have heart burn ( not as consistent though) and I’m definitely feeling the tired stage of the third trimester. My back pain has almost completely gone away ( thanks hubs for the amazing nightly massages!!!). This is the first pregnancy that I have actually hit the I’m done being pregnant stage. With L and MJ I was just excited to meet them, never really sick of being pregnant. This time around, I’m done. It’s been fun, but I’m done.

Do you think you’ll go early? gosh, I hope so! For starters I cannot imagine growing for 2.5 more weeks. But mainly, I want to have this baby and be able to feel normal by Christmas. I haven’t had any labors coming soon signs. At my last dr appointment there was no progress at all. Which doesn’t mean too much considering at 39 weeks with MJ nothing was going on and I had her 3 days later…

Have I started any natural induction rituals? . From my previous two pregnancies I can tell you I don’t truly believe in these so called methods. With Liesel we tried it all to no avail! I have been drinking my raspberry leaf tea ( which I started at 30 weeks). This is to help prepare your body and make contractions etc more efficient. I’ve also started on evening primrose oil. Both of which I took while pregnant with MJ. And although they did not induce labor, I believe they played a role in my 4 hour-borderline blissful- labor.


Any feelings on gender?. I still lean heavily girl. Although there have been a few, maybe you’re a boy, thoughts. Overall my pregnancy seems fairly similar to the girls. Major differences: heartburn ( supposed to mean hair, but girls had hair and I never had heartburn!), baby remains high- tons of jabs to the ribs this time around, and heart rate maintains in low to mid 140s where the girls were in the 150s. Also the name. We have had our boy name picked out since before we were married but never loved our middle name. This time we picked a new middle name and both are in love with it! Maybe that’s a sign? Or maybe that just solidifies it is a girl? Either way we cannot wait to find out! Happy with either gender!!

Still able to be active? yes! Aside from chasing two very energetic girls. I have still been working out most mornings. Thank you Billy Blank’s Tae Bo videos. It has been good to maintain this core workout! And I definitely believe it has helped ease my back pain.

Do the girls understand what’s about to happen?. Liesel does for sure! She’s seen enough pregnant family and friends have babies. She has also gone to multiple appointments with me and has felt baby’s movements. She calls them high fives.

Moira understands some. She’ll talk about the baby and kiss and hug my belly, but she doesn’t really know what’s about to hit her! She is also going through a mommy separation anxiety stage. Not sure if it’s because she senses something bigs about to happen or not. Overall girls are excited! Liesel asks multiple times a week if it’s baby day yet!

Am I nesting? haha! This one makes me laugh. With Halloween and thanksgiving just weeks/days ago and Christmas time already here, I’ve had little time to even begin true nesting. I’m lucky if I get all of my weekly chores complete!! Are our bags packed? nope. Are the baby clothes washed? nope. We haven’t even completed preregistration for the hospital yet ( on my to dos). It’s funny how with Liesel, all of those things were done weeks ago. My how things change! I have a peace about it all though.

Any baby needs? thanks to my parents we now have an infant car seat and can bring this little one safely home from the hospital! Big things that remain: car: for a family of 5 ( any takers 😉), crib: we have decided to keep MJ in crib for a while so eventually we’ll need to invest in a 2nd one, diapers: we used a cloth diaper service for other girls but they have since gone out of business 😭so we are going to do disposable from the start, woven wrap/ Moby:MJ lived in this, and ergo carrier or beco: not needed right away but definitely carriers I want to invest in.

Are you nervous about labor? yes! I don’t think I’ll ever look at L and D lightly. I’ve had both ends of the spectrum! Liesels 28hour marathon and Moira’s 4 hour sprint. When pregnant with Moira I was nervous for a repeat labor to Liesels but I also was certain that it couldn’t be worse and since I lived through Ls, that brought me peace. This time around I feel like there is a very strong chance my labor will be worse than Moira’s and that makes me nervous. However, I have the best coach in the world and I know God made me to do this. I can do all things through him who gives me strength- Phil 4:13!

Overall thoughts on a third? The other night Eric and I were talking and we both were shocked with how ready, excited and peaceful we are to have a third child. With expecting our second baby we were both very anxious. This time around it is pure excitement! We are ready to be a family of 5! Come on little one😃