Dishwasher Detergent

I finally used up my last box of dishwasher detergent!! I had found a recipe for homemade detergent a few months and could not wait to use it. After all my success with homemade laundry detergent I was excited to give it a try!

The ingredients looked very straightforward.

1cup Super Washing Soda
1cup Borax
1/2cup salt
1/2cup citric acid
Mason jar or container that can close tightly


I used lemishine as my citric acid ingredient because we had an entire container left over from our move. (Thank you new water softener!!)

Mix all ingredients and pour into jar. Use only 1 tablespoon of detergent for each cycle. Once I had my jar full I could not wait to wash my first load. I was a little nervous. Since we had moved we have had amazingly clean dishes ( again water softener plug) and I was scarred that my first load with the homemade soap would come out spotty or full of residue.

I could not be more happy with the results!!

20131120-185421.jpg Look at this glass-SPOTLESS!!!! Could not be more pleased. Another successful homemade cleaning product. I am excited to see how far my jar will last, since I typically do one load a night.

I know this will be a huge savings as well as a health benefit! So simple. Be sure to try it!


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