A ‘Fairy’ Good Halloween!

2013 was another Halloween for the books! The month of October just absolutely flew by! But we had a blast. Both the girls and I enjoyed a number of fall/ Halloween crafts. Here are a few that we created:





I even had fun creating a few of my own for the new house. I had a long list of fall crafts/decorations I wanted to complete and only got around to a few:



This was the first year that we actually had a reason to celebrate Halloween. Sure, we’ve celebrated it in years past. But this year Liesel was in preschool. She would have a Halloween party, and a parade, and friends to celebrate with. We absolutely had to have a costume! Early in the fall I started playing around with different ideas. Every time I’d mention one to Liesel she would think about it for a minute then quickly reply, no I want to be a fairy…with a wand!. Eventually I gave up trying to persuade her otherwise and decided fairies it is! The costume was actually quite simple and I was able to make both girls on a low budget and completed them in one weekend! I used the same template for the tutus that I made last year. I altered them slightly, making the tulle pieces 20inches long for Liesel’s and 16 inches long for Moira’s. To make the tutus more fairy like, I hand sewed felt green leaves on top. ( yes, I still remain sewing machine free and slightly sewing challenged😉). But I was pleased with the results.


Finally the much anticipated day arrived. Liesel was so excited! Due to bad weather trick or treating was postponed until Friday ( who had any idea this could happen?!). Oh well. We still were able to enjoy a fun day at Liesel’s preschool. Eric, Moira and I were all able to join in on the KOK Preschool festivities! Liesel loved having us all at the party, we enjoyed being able to see Liesel’s classroom in action, and Moira, well she was on cloud 9 being able to finally take part In school!! Here are some pictures from the day.








On Friday we had Mimi and Papa over for some of our Halloween Chili. Then the girls were off for their first sister trick or treating debut!





It was definitely a fairy good Halloween for the Statlers!


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