A Season of Changes

This has been a month of change for both girls. No longer do my girls look like this between the hours of 1 and 4pm.





That is right, we said goodbye to the pacifier for Moira and naps for Liesel. Both happened rather sudden and both have been an adjustment for the Statler household.

The first change was naps for Liesel. A little back story. Naps and a schedule have been a driving force for me as a mother and most importantly a mother of two! I think it was within the first two weeks of Moira joining our family that I made it a priority for BOTH girls to nap at least once a day TOGETHER. And I can honestly say, they did almost everyday for almost two years! It was the one point during the day I never wavered on. Somewhere between 1 and 4 both girls would nap. And mommy had time to recharge! I knew someday these hours of bliss would fade away and I dreaded that day!

During the summer both Eric and I began to feel that nap time for Liesel was on the outs. For starters bedtime became a struggle. That may be an understatement. Some nights she would not fall asleep until nearly 9:30!! It didn’t help that it stayed light for so long, but nonetheless, we knew something had to give. We also noticed that days when she would miss a nap she would not fall apart.

It wasn’t until this fall that I decided to take the plunge and implement the dreaded quiet time . To my surprise I have actually loved it! Liesel still naps once or twice a week but other than that she takes about an hour and a half quiet time each day. We let her take this time in our room as not to disturb MJ. For the first hour or so Liesel is allowed to take two book boxes and a few stuffed animals into our bed. She must stay in the bed and look at them quietly.

During this time I’m still able to keep up with my chores, budgeting or blogging😃. Then for the last 20minutes Liesel is able to have some iPad time in our bed. It is then that I take a quick and oh so needed cat nap beside her! Since Moira naps anywhere from 2-3 hours, L and I are able to enjoy some time just the two of us for the remainder of nap time. Like I said it has been an adjustment, but a good one! On days that Liesel takes a QT both girls are in bed and asleep effortlessly before 8! Amazing! I think the only person that has taken this new system hard has been Moira. Since March both girls have napped and gone to bed together. The first week or so of QT Moira would get teary-eyed and call out for big sis. I think she missed her roommate and she also wondered what kind of fun Liesel was up to😃

Our second big change was giving up the paci for Moira. Since about May Moira has only had her pacifier during naps and bed. But boy would she look forward to having it!! The smile on her face when she would get it was priceless, this little one loved her paci. Perhaps too much.

We knew we wanted her to be paci free before we switched her to a big girl bed, and with baby only weeks away we figured now was as good a time as any. Back in September we attempted to take it away and failed-miserably! You see, from day one Moira has been a parents dream to put to bed. Never crying, almost reaching for bed each night. We never had to do any sort of CIO with her, she never needed it. However, in September our easy-go to bed-baby disappeared. The first night of no paci was terrible! She cried and pleaded for it for almost 30minutes. She then proceeded to wake up two hours later begging again for it. Finally at about 1am during another plea for the pacifier, Eric and I decided it wasn’t worth it and gave it back to her.

A little over a week ago we decided to give it another try. It seemed she was getting more and more attached to it and we wanted to break this habit sooner rather than later. To our shock this time around has gone amazingly well!! The first night she called for it, but there were barely any tears at all! She also stayed asleep until the morning without it. The next night was even easier. She asked once for it during prayers and that was it! So proud of her. Sure she asks for it from time to time, but she seems completely satisfied with our you don’t need that, you’re a big girl answer. I do have to admit I miss her little sleeping face with a paci in her mouth. I miss her little smiles through it and especially her little slurred words. But I know she was ready. She is a big sister after all!



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