Sister Love

With the girls growing, changing and becoming more and more like real friends I thought it time to do a follow up to my post from last November, A Budding Friendship. I cannot even begin to describe how much fun these past 6 months have been! Both girls are growing and changing everyday. Although there are days that I miss the ease of having a toddler and an easy go-with-the-flow-baby, I am really loving this active and energetic life with two big kids!


The other night Eric and I sat outside talking about this new stage we found ourselves in. We both could not help but smile as we rehashed story after story of our girls becoming true friends. It was obvious early on that they loved each other, but recently their bond has matured and grown! I really believe that sharing a room together has led to this strength and love between them.

Liesel has taken on the older sister/ protector role. Whether at the park or at home, she makes sure that Moira is taken care of. Helping to give pushes on the swing, holding her hand as we walk down the side walk, and trying her best to find a cure for her cries, are just a few examples. Last night, well this morning rather, at 5am, Eric and I were trying to let MJ cry back to sleep when we heard Liesel say , ” Moira why are you crying? are you ok?…Do you need your cozies?…I’ll go get momma, be right back,” Eric and I both melted, a true big sister!




Moira definitely looks up to Liesel. She watches her every move, and repeats most of what she says -oh the parrot stage😃. If Liesel is working on a puzzle, Moira must be doing one too ( and don’t try to give her a baby puzzle) it must have as many pieces as Ls! She also thinks she is just as big as her big sister. Up until a week ago, if you asked Moira her name she’d confidently reply “puzzles (aka Liesel)”, if you asked her how old she was, she’d reply “3” without skipping a beat. And I think she really believed this because it shows in how she plays at the park: climbing up and going down the biggest slides all by herself, wanting nothing to do with the baby swings- big ones only, and running around with the big kids. Boy, how things change from kid #1 to kid #2. I think Liesel was past 2 years old before I let her go down the big slides alone!!

If someone would have told me last year that there’d be a day my girls would play together and keep themselves entertained long enough for me to clean or exercise, I’d have said they were crazy!!! But, nowadays that is a regular occurrence over here, thank you Jesus! Honestly, I think they prefer to play just the two of them. Today while putting clothes away the girls went to read together in their closet ( a favorite play place), when I was done I peeked in on them and Liesel said, “we’re just looking at books. Just us!” Hint taken. Watching them play dress ups, grocery store, doctor or whatever their little hearts desire is a joy. Over-hearing their conversations through the monitor or during car rides, shows us just how deep this friendship is growing!




However, with all the amazing aspects of this new stage, their have also been a fair share of challenges. Now that Moira is no longer a push over, we have had many discussions on sharing. For the most part the girls do a good job of taking turns, but believe me they both have their moments as well. You will often hear Moira saying ” share, share! I turn, I turn!” Luckily both girls forgive and make up quite easily.

Some of my absolute favorite moments are when I catch the girls hugging, saying I love you or just holding hands. This sister love is truly something special. I am excited to watch it grow over the years. To overhear their conversations about friends at school, boys and whatever else they are into. I know they will always look out for each other and am so thankful for this bond between them!








3 thoughts on “Sister Love

  1. What sweethearts! My two girls are great friends too! I love watching all three of them play together and learn from each other:)

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