With preschool starting, Liesel’s second trip to the dentist coming up, and cold season knocking on our door, I thought it was the perfect time to do a germ themed lesson for Liesel/MJ school. Germs have been a popular topic of conversation for some time. At least for over a year when we started on the whole potty training adventure, that would drag all three of us into the most wonderful public restrooms… This week we took a deeper look into germs and dental hygiene. Here is a glimpse at our fun week!

On Monday the girls and I read a few books that we had checked out from the library.

20130906-201837.jpg. The favorite one being, Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross. Both girls could not stop laughing at how dirty the little girls hands were ( because they have never been dirty themselves…). I think I read it 5+ times that day.

For a science activity we did an experiment with glitter. I told the girls that the glitter was like little germs. They each chose a few colors and covered their hands in the glitter glue. We had fun talking about how gross our hands were, and yucky from all the glittery germs!!


20130906-202823.jpg After our hands were good and yucky, we took a trip to the bathroom to wash them all away! While washing our hands we sang a song:

*tune of row, row, row your boat*
Wash, wash, wash your hands
Make them nice and clean.
Wash your hands on top and bottom
And then in between.

20130906-203120.jpg Finally we all were completely glitter germ free! Hooray!!

On Tuesday our focus was dental hygiene and the number 3. After rereading the book, Taking Care of My Teeth by Terri DeGezelle, I had a fun snack for them to enjoy.

20130906-205521.jpg made of apples, peanut butter and marshmallows. It was a huge hit!

We counted out to the number 3. And each of the girls took three morewhite marshmallow teeth to enjoy. Liesel practiced tracing the number three by using a little phrase:
around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a 3 this really helped her remember to make half circles for the humps on the three.

20130906-205854.jpg Moira enjoyed coloring her 3🙂
Lastly the girls painted dirty yellow teeth WHITE by brushing on the paint to make them sparkle!

On Wednesday we cut out germs! Focusing on the letter C sound, and cutting practice. We also talked about the color brown.

While Moira played with a brown sensory box, full of odds and ends all colored brown, Liesel practiced her cutting,


Thursday was bible verse day. This weeks bible verse was, if you love me, you will obey my command John 14:15. This fit it perfectly with our germ themed week. I talked to the girls about how important it is to obey what God, our parents, teachers etc command. Making sure we wash our hands and brush our teeth are commands too!!

To help remember the verse, we sang it to the tune of hot cross buns
If you love me, if you love me
you will obey, what I command
John 14:15 John 4:15
You will obey what I command

The girls caught on quickly and we had fun singing it around the house and out on our walks.

Friday is reserved for a make up/ revisit our week day. This Friday the girls played with yucky germ monsters ( made of corn starch, baking soda and water). They had fun molding me, sticking eyes on them and seeing them ooze all over the paper.


Once they were finished it was a great reminder to how important it is to wash off germs, for the germ monsters did indeed get all over their hands!


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