Fall Checklist

As many of you know, we are currently entering Eric and my favorite time of year! It begins with the fall and continues through Christmas. We have so many cherished memories from this time of year, from meeting and going on our first date (November 24,2000), to planning a Christmas wedding (December 30,2006) , to finding out we were expecting our first baby( October 23, 2009). We love it love it love it! Anne Shirley says it best,


This year we are looking forward to the fall for many reasons. It will be our first fall in our new home ( with our wood burning fireplace!!!), it will be the last fall as a family of four, and it will be the fall we prepare for our new little bundle to be born. Because of these reasons we want to have an amazing season! To ensure its amazingness I am putting together a checklist or bucket list of all the fun we want to experience. Here are our must-dos this fall 2013.

Apple Picking this one Liesel has been begging to do for well over a year. Due to the terrible growing season last year, no orchards were pickable! This year we plan to get as much picking in as possible, reserving two if not three weekends to do so. Our favorite orchard in the area is Tuttles.

Pumpkin Patch last year was our first trip to Stony Creek Farms and it was fabulous. Here is my post on the farm, Pumpkin Patch. We will definitely be going to Stony Creek again this year. We will also be supporting Spencer Farms, and buying our pie pumpkins from them.

Train Ride thanks to a friend, we found a new park in Noblesville called, Forest Park. We went to it this past weekend and fell in love!!! Cannot believe we are just finding out about this! They have numerous park areas, a carousel, pool/splash pad, and -this is the best part- a train ride! Not just a little toy train. A real train that takes you on an hour ride to various parks in the area. And it’s only $5 a ticket! This is a must do this fall.

Zoo Boo The Indianapolis Zoo puts on a zoo boo every year. Where kids can come dressed up in costumes and the whole place is decorated for the holiday. There are tons of fun activities including trick or treating. We went when Liesel was one and had such a blast, even though a lot of the activities were over her head.

20130904-212537.jpg Looking forward to this year when both girls will be at great ages to enjoy it!

Fishers Renaissance Faire Eric and I went to the Faire our first fall in Indy and were not especially blown away. It could have been due to the fact that is was 40 degrees and raining or to the fact that it was the first time they put on the festival, either way we are devoted to giving it another chance. I have a weakness for turkey legs!

Cider Mill Even though we live in a different state, we still make a point to make a trip back to our home town every fall for a trip to the one, and only Dexter Cider Mill! Nothing quite says fall like a cup of hot cider and the most amazing, melt in your mouth, cinnamon sugar donut from the Dexter Cider Mill. Trust me. We have searched all over Indianapolis and no where comes even close. Not to mention the fact that no apple orchard/ cider mills over here even sell donuts?!?! I know, craziness.

Baking I have a long list of baking must dos this fall. Mmm, cannot wait for all the amazing smells to fill our kitchen. Thanks to Pinterest my list keeps growing every time I open the app…
*applesaucehoping to can a bunch! We go through at least one large jar a week.
*apple pie
*apple crisp
*apple dumplings
*pumpkin bread
*pumpkin pie
*pumpkin pecan pancakes– for the last few years we have been buying William Sonoma’s mix, but this year I plan to not waste save money and try it from scratch.
*numerous fall soups
To name a few. Get ready for some awesome get togethers at the Statlers😃

So excited to celebrate this beloved season with my loves!



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