Big day over here

Today has been a day I have looked so forward to and dreaded all at the same time, Liesel Cosette started preschool!!. It’s funny, I never expected to be emotional about school with my kids. However, my thoughts changed last February when I went to register Liesel. I was sitting in the room filling out paperwork and it hit me, starting next year, as long Liesel lives with us, she will be going to some form of school. wow. My emotions took me completely by surprise. My mixed feelings about preschool do not reflect our decision to send her to school. She is beyond ready. It is the realization that my baby is not really a baby anymore.

Liesel on the other hand has had zero mixed emotions whatsoever. She has been ecstatic about this whole big girl school thing! Since last February she has talked of little else but, when I am 3, I get to start preschool.. Come June 26th when she actually turned three, we had to carefully explain that even though she is three, preschool will not be starting until the end of the summer. She took this news quite well, but boy was she ready for today to get here! We lucked out in having a preschool that is in our church. Liesel knows the classroom and teacher very well. Our church has a wonderful Sunday school class for parents and two year olds that we faithfully attended and LOVED last year. We are blessed to have gotten the teacher who taught that class, she is a slice of heaven here on earth!

The day started off just like any ordinary day. Wake up at 7am, the girls eating their banana first thing, while I enjoy my one cup of earl grey tea. However, I just could not stop looking at my Liesel. Boy she looked older all of a sudden. Even while eating her oatmeal, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her

20130827-205110.jpg. Yesterday I had a three year old, today I have a preschooler! After breakfast it was time to get dressed, make sure back pack was ready, and snap a few quick pictures.




Of course it really wouldn’t be a complete Liesel photoshoot with out a silly face thrown in πŸ˜‰


Then we were off. Once we arrived, Liesel said her goodbyes to daddy and Moira (we decided it best to leave MJ in the car since she really believes she is going to school too…) and the two of us walked hand in hand into the building. Liesel waltzed through the hallways so confident, smile on her face (it was my stomach in knots, not hers)

20130827-210547.jpg. She quickly found her room and began making friends instantly, “what’s your name? I’m Liesel.“,a few seconds later, “you’re my friend, Evan“, was one sweet conversation I overheard Liesel having while waiting in the hall with the other nervous moms and confident kids. The doors finally opened and Liesel was welcomed by a sweet smile and kind hug from her teacher. She found her cubby with ease and although I attempted to help, she hung up her own backpack.

20130827-211103.jpg My big girl, ready for this new stage. As the kids began to gravitate towards the teacher I quickly gave Liesel a kiss and watched her march up front with the rest of the kids. Before I left I snuck one more quick picture of my girl sitting with her peers about to embark on an exciting new adventure!


As I walked back to the car, the tears started to come. I blinked them away, knowing she is in the right place, at the right time. I can’t wait to hear all her stories and learn all her new friends. This is going to be a great year for us all!


4 thoughts on “Big day over here

    • Can’t wait to hear all about MGs day!! Liesel had to fill out an all about me for school and for best friends mg was first on listπŸ˜ƒ love our big girls! GL next wk mama!

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