Thoughts on Three…

This past week we had the big ultrasound( which is just crazy that we are this far already?!). Since then I have been thinking a lot about our upcoming addition. It’s funny how pregnancy seems so much more real after an ultrasound. I mean, I feel the baby move constantly, I’ve been in maternity clothes for weeks now, but for some reason it’s not until you see your little miracle moving, waving, and tiny heart beating that it really hits home. this baby is going to be here in 18 weeks or less!



This realization has sparked many questions. What is life going to be like with three-3 and under? How are our girls going to respond to this new little one? How will Eric and I juggle our life – time alone etc? Who is in there? Are just a few of the questions I’ve been mulling over.

Life with three. Before I dive into this, I first need to think about life with two, one and no kids. Definitely going from zero to one child was the biggest change for us. Life as we had known it ( revolving around Eric and I) ceased to exist. We quickly learned a new normal and in no time at all we couldn’t even imagine a life before Liesel! She was a great baby and really made the ease into parenthood easy! When Liesel was 10mths old we became pregnant with number 2. I remember feeling nervous about this addition. Liesel would be so young when we had another baby. Could I really love another as much as I did her? But when Moira Jane entered our world all my fears went away, we fell in love with her instantly! Adjusting to life with two kids took time. I remember at first my hormones were running high and I would cry at night feeling like I wasn’t the mom I used to be to Liesel and I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be for Moira. I felt torn and inadequate for the job. so thankful for a husband who always listens and seems to have the words I am needing to hear. He is the best partner!!!

About a month into our life as a family of four I had a kind of come to Jesus moment, it was during a time when both girls were crying for me and I couldn’t be in two places at once. I felt God give me a peace to deal with the situation. It was then that I realized Jesus says, be fruitful and multiply for a reason, I am a much less selfish person because I have my children to care for. Now that we have more children I know that they will be less selfish because the world no longer revolves around them! If Liesel has to cry because she has to wait for mommy to nurse Moira, she’ll be better for it, if Moira has to cry while I’m reading Liesel a book, she’ll be better for it! After I had this realization, life with two kids got ALOT easier!! We were lucky that Liesel loved her sister and never had resentment towards her, we were also blessed by the easiest baby ever in Moira! She was a dream. For me the toughest part to having two kids was learning to juggle two schedules and two children. Once this was mastered everything fell into place. It wasn’t long that Eric and I began talking about expanding our family again. We both felt strongly that God wasn’t finished with us yet in this department. Now that a third is eminent I go back and forth about what life will be like with 3 children so young. There is definitely a part of me that is nervous! Will we be able to do this and do it well? But overwhelmingly I feel like, we’ve got this! How hard can it really be? I may be in for a HUGE surprise, I’ll keep you posted once baby 3 arrives☺

How will the girls respond to another little one?. This question has me torn. I really feel like Liesel understands that a baby is in my belly. She talks about him or her often ( usually referring to the baby as a brother…we’ll see). She has also matured so much in the last year and turned into such a helper! I am praying this only gets better and that she will become my little helper once baby arrives.

Moira is a little puzzling. She has always shared me, she never had me all to herself, so in this aspect I feel like adding another wont be such a shock. However, she is quite the Mommas girl, something Liesel never really was. Moira definitely needs lots of snuggling and cuddling and there is a part of me that is nervous she may have some resentment when baby comes. My saving grace about this is MJs love for babies! She adores them. Always carrying one around the house, rocking them, feeding them, and sleeping with them. The other day we were over at a friends who just had a little girl, while I was holding the newborn Moira stretched out her arms and said, “hold you Clare? hold you?” Completely unphased by the fact that I was holding someone else. Praying this will be her reaction to baby 3!




Time alone,sans kids. This is one I really struggle with. When we only had Liesel, Eric and I had a lot of alone time. She was usually in bed no later than 7 pm which gave us a good 4+hours or so EVERY night to ourselves! We would spend our evenings rehashing the days, sipping wine or watching a show. It was wonderful. When Moira entered the picture, we had to be more intentional about our time. It took us a while to find our groove. Now the girls don’t go to bed until 8/830 which doesn’t allow for a long evening ( especially with a tired pregnant wife who can barely stay up past 10!). We sometimes are able to shorten naps or avoid them altogether on a weekend day which allows us to do bedtime early so we can enjoy a date night dinner in😃. I fear that adding a third will decrease this precious time even more. I know it will take time but we will find our new groove again. I also think we will be more proactive in finding child care to allow for more, much needed, date nights!

Lastly, and definitely the question that has me wondering the most, who is this little one? To keep with Statler tradition we have once again decided to be surprised by the sex of the baby. But, boy were we tempted this time around!!!!!!!! While sitting in the ultrasound room Eric and I had to lock eyes to not peak at who this little one was. I know many people find out if they are having a boy or girl early, and that’s great! For me, the anticipation is what I believe gets me through my labors. It gives me an extra push ( for lack of a better word). We will love this little one, boy or girl. On one side, another girl would be fun! To have three sisters so close in age, going through life as partners together. But on the other hand I would love to experience a boy, to find out how to raise them, and allow for Eric to have someone in his camp😉. At this point I feel that there is another girl in there. This is due to the fact that I feel exactly the same as my previous two pregnancies ( but maybe I have easy pregnancies whether boy or girl…) and that the heart rate has been in the upper 140s ( similar to L and MJ). What about you, any guesses boy or girl?? Only 18 weeks and we will find out!


dear little one, we love you so much already! All these questions will fade away soon enough when we are loving, holding and kissing you!! We cannot wait for you to get here😃


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Three…

  1. I love your stories of your life!!! And you are right you will find a grove with 3! Moira will find her time with you. She may be upset w/you at times but she will come around, Zienna (2y 3mon when Declan was born) has turned back into mama’s girl and Declan is 4 months old now and a bit more indepenent. It will be FUN once everyone gets use to number 5!!! And we are praying for a boy!

    • Aw thanks Jen! We really are excited to add another:) the more the merrier right?? So glad you all have found your rhythm! Can’t believe D is 4 mths already?!

  2. Hmmm…I don’t have a strong feeling either way about this one…but I’m going to guess boy just for the fun of it! Either way he/she will be so blessed to join your family!

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