Making our house a HOME

We have officially been in our house for over three weeks. It’s amazing how fast our house felt like our home. It was almost instantaneous for both Eric and I and the girls! Zero adjustment needed. As I wrote earlier we have been just drinking in our new life here, loving our new neighborhood and house. Starting to get our new normal down, our daily walk route learned, and finding places for all our things to go!

Being in a house that is OUR own has been amazing! I never knew I would enjoy cleaning and organizing so much! It really doesn’t seem like a chore. This may be because we are still in the honeymoon phase of home ownership, or this may really be the amazing feelings you get when something is completely yours, either way I’m loving it and hoping it lasts! Eric has also turned into quite the handyman. A hat he has really never had to wear before. I am so proud of him! It really suits him and has come way easier than I imagined it would!

The two of us have dabbled in a few DIY projects that are making our house into our own home as well. Ways that we are starting to put our signature on our new house. We were extremely blessed to buy a house that needs no immediate changes. Everything is in great shape! The previous owners built the house and took impeccable care of it, we are so fortunate. Here is a glimpse into the projects we have completed so far.

Painting. The first room that needed attention was the sister room. It was a lime green color, and one I really couldn’t live with ( I’m kicking myself for taking zero before pictures of our house). We decided to keep the girls room a purple color. After many trips to and from Sherwin Williams with zero decisions, they made up a color for us that combined a few of the ones that we liked but needed some tweaking. Here is a picture of the room. It looks a bit darker than it actually is. Special thanks to the hubs and our great friend, Matt, for getting the job done in one morning!!

20130805-211930.jpg Also in the picture is another project Eric worked on. Hanging the beautiful flower light in the girls room. One I fell in love with from ikea and am so glad to finally have it in their room!!

Another painting project was the kitchen/ family room. All the walls in the house are a tan/ beigist color. At least it’s not white, but we were dying to start on them. I originally thought I wanted a gray color but fell in LOVE with the Benjamin Moore color, Colorado Gray, which is way more blue than I ever thought I’d have in my house! This project was up to me to complete. I worked on it during naps and after the girls were in bed each night. After a week ( with help from Eric at the end) I finished it! We are so so pleased with the color. It goes great with our current cabinet color ( we will be updating them with an espresso gel stain, project tbd) and its a very peaceful and calming color in the family room.



Lighting. This was another area we were excited to begin. A lot of the fixtures are brass globes and really just look a little dated. We decided to pick a few key areas to begin working on. The first was the girls room, which I mentioned earlier. The other main area was the kitchen. Our plan is to change all fixtures, knobs, etc around the house to the brushed nickel color. First up were the lights in the kitchen, again, kicking myself for no before pics!! We,( by we I mean Eric), changed the globe above the sink to a pendant light

20130805-213507.jpg. And the globe in center of the kitchen was switched to track lighting.



Lastly, we put new covers on our kitchen chairs. A much much cheaper option to buying a brand new table! It was extremely easy, cheap and we love them!



It has become a fun almost nightly ritual for Eric and I to discuss, create and determine what projects we will tackle next! Each one exciting in its own way. Here are a few on the horizon: outside shutters to be painted, living room painted, bookcase/desk built for living room, cabinets stained and backsplash put up, gallery wall in family room created and curtains made, to name a few. Stay tuned.


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