Daily Bread Part II

Well, it’s now been a year and I’m still making our bread. With a few exceptions here and there with travel etc, otherwise I’ve been faithful to baking our bread each month. It is definitely a chore I love to do and don’t foresee stopping anytime soon!

For the most part I have used the recipe I blogged about last summer, Daily Bread. But recently I’ve switched to a new recipe. I tried it because of a recommendation from a friend and I found it to be even softer than my original recipe! It’s easy to make and I’m loving the results!! Definitely give it a try. The original recipe can be found here.


2 cups whole wheat flour
4-5 cups bread flour ( I’ve been happy with allpurpose
2 TB sugar
1.5 tsp salt
2 packets active dry yeast
1/4 cup honey
1 2/3 cups water
2/3 cups milk
1/4 cup butter

In a mixing bowl add whole wheat flour, 4 cups of bread flour, sugar, salt and yeast. Whisk together.

In a saucepan put honey, water, milk and butter over medium heat. Melt butter, but don’t go over 110 degrees. Once butter is melted add to your flour mixture by using your dough hook attachment. Continue to knead on medium adding 1TB at a time of your last cup of flour. Once you have added enough flour ( so that dough doesn’t stick to the sides), continue kneading on medium- medium high for an additional 5 minutes.

Pour dough onto a floured surface and grease all sides of mixing bowl. Place dough ball into greased bowl, flipping once to grease top and bottom. Cover with a towel for an hour, until dough has more than doubled in size.


Once dough has risen pour back onto floured surface and break into two equal pieces. Using rolling pin flatten one half of dough into a rectangle size shape. Then roll dough up pinching folds together.

20130730-204735.jpg and repeat for second half. Carefully place dough into a greased bread pan ( pinched side down). Cover pans with towel and allow to rise for an additional half hour.


Bake loaves in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes, and there ya go! Two golden delicious loaves of bread. Statler family tested, tasted and undoubtedly approved! ENJOY!!!



Liesel School Revamped!

With all the hustle and bustle of moving and just plain craziness of the summer, we took a little hiatus from Liesel school. That’s not to say we left learning by the wayside:), tons went on, just with less structure. We finished the format I had been following last year in the beginning of June. We worked through all 26 letters and sounds, worked on counting to 30 and number association to 20, as well as numerous shapes and colors! It was a great year and I’m excited for part two.

When thinking about restructuring Liesel School, I knew high on my priorities list was bible verse learning. This was something I neglected to include last year and wish I had. Her mind is a little sponge and now is the time to make sure those Christian foundations are being laid! Yes, we talk about Jesus, the bible and prayer often, but I’m excited to incorporate it into our weekly learning routine! A website I found and LOVED you can go to here. They have an entire curriculum based around different memory versus! And the best part is that each verse is put to a song, perfect for memorizing!!

I also wanted to focus more on writing letters and numbers. Liesel has the sounds down pat, but just in the last few months she has really shown an interest in learning to write each one. For example, the other day we were spelling her name, when she got to letter S she stopped and I could tells she was slightly frustrated. She asked me to write an S for her. She then practiced ,I’m not kidding, for the rest of the day!

Lastly, I want to focus on lowercase letters and the beginning of blending sounds together. Liesel already does a great job of telling you what sound a certain word begins with, for example bear starts with the letter B. So I know blends are just around the corner!

This year we also have a new student! That’s right, Moira Jane is joining the activities and learning! As long as we can keep her from eating the crayons;) this little sister does not want to be left out. It will be fun to see how much the two of them learn and grow together!!

Here are a few pictures from our first week:
Memory verse was, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1
I had the girls learn the verse by singing it to the tune Are You Sleeping? I wish I could upload videos on here because the two of them singing is priceless!!




Writing the number 0 in sidewalk chalk. Our number rhyme went like this : round and round and round you go, that’s the way to make ZERO!



Rainbow As and handwriting.


Packing, homelessness, moving and other shenanigans!

What a month this has been. I have been tested in what seems to me to be about all areas of life! Lets go back to May. Eric and I had been looking at houses for just a few weeks when we found out god was blessing us with another baby! Excited and nervous all at the same time. We knew we wanted more children, but was it too soon? God sure didn’t think so.


We knew life was going to get crazy-er ( baby due December 25th. Meaning in a few short months we will have a 3 1/2 yo, 22mth old, and a newborn!!) we also knew this housing situation was a definite necessity! We needed more space and fast! ( our current house of barely 1200sq ft just wasn’t going to cut it). We prayed and prayed for the perfect house. One in our budget, one that would meet the needs of our growing family, one that would be in a desirable location for schools, and one that would be ready for move in by the end of June. We waited and waited and were getting discouraged by the housing market, things were flying before we even had a chance to see them! Then the perfect house became available. Answering all of our desires, even the ones we didn’t think we would get ie, our wood burning fireplace.


Fast forward a month and we are in June. The month we have to be out of our previous house, and the month we would be moving into our new one! It was a crazy month filled with endless packing ( how do we have so much stuff?? I am a proud purger but yet stray unknown boxes creeped in somehow). We also had a week long family reunion planned in Michigan and a 3rd bday to celebrate. Phew. Somehow it would all get done, it had too. A motto I repeated often to myself. Then we received some unwanted news, just days before our Michigan trip and less than two weeks before our moving day. Our loan was taking longer to process ( we had already been approved) but the mortgage/ title company needed more time. No one could give us a definite answer, lots of approximate time tables but no promises on an exact date for our closing. Eric and I were a mess. What are we going to do?? We have to be out of our house by the 30th (zero wiggle room) and what would we do with our stuff and where would we stay? Everything seemed up in the air. Everything WAS up in the air. Our realtor kept telling us there is a chance we could still close on the 28th, but to prepare in case… Ugh.

Well, the 28th came and went and our closing did not happen. We moved all our stuff into the garage of our new home ( so thankful that the sellers agreed to this)! That Friday was a whirl wind. Full of boxes, juggling girls, cleaning, you name it! Moving sucks, period. Moving with two kids, even worse. Moving knowing you have to do it all again in the near future and no idea when that will be, unbearable!!

Luckily we made it through that weekend alive! Barely. So thankful we had professional movers. They were amazing, affordable and did a wonderful job! Also, Eric’s mom and stepdad were life savers, they not only watched girls, they painted and opened up their home for us until our closing date ( still TBD).

We were now able to close the door on house number one, however, the craziness was far from over! As mentioned Eric’s parents welcomed us into their home with open arms. They were so gracious. We all thought this homelessness would be a week at most. I could not imagine our closing being pushed back past the 4th of July! Fast forward another few weeks and we finally had a closing date! July 12th at 4pm, yes two full weeks past our original closing date! But PTL there was finally an end in sight!!

God was definitely teaching Eric and I about patience and that we live life through HIS time table and not our own. Why must I have to learn this lesson over and over again? Why do I doubt his love and never ending protection over my family and myself? He has NEVER left me, nor forsaken me, and yet I find myself doubting at times. We have now officially been in our new house for four whole nights. And we are in love! I have to pinch myself that this truly is our new home. One we will love and care for, for a long time. Sure, my Honey-do List is growing each day, but I rest in the fact that it will all get done in time. But for now we are just trying to take it easy and drink in this new chapter of life.

Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart! Psalm 37:4

Praise God for his faithfulness! We are so undeserving!