Freezer Jam

Like I mentioned in my last post we had ALOT of strawberries from our morning last week at Spencer’s Farm. Here are all 8 pounds.


With so many strawberries in our fridge I had to think of a few things to do with them. We do love our fruit around here, but there was just no way we could eat through them before they went bad! I froze some in freezer bags to use in our smoothies, I also made strawberry shortcake ( well angel food cake) for dessert and I washed a bunch to have on hand for snacks. But there were still a ton left! I decided jam was a must do. It was something I had never tried to make before and always wanted to do! Rarely do we keep jam in the house so I knew it would be a special treat for our girls on toast and in our yogurt. Regular jam seemed quite daunting especially having never done it before. I had heard numerous success stories with freezer jam, so I decided to give it a whirl. Here is how I did it.


4 pounds of fresh strawberries
1 packet of pectin (found in baking isle)
1 cup of sugar ( I ended up only using 1/2c)

Make sure your strawberries are washed and de-stemmed.


Using food processor or blender mash strawberries until the are uniform in consistency.


Once all 4 pounds are mashed, pour into large bowl. Add pectin and sugar and mix until completely incorporated. I did not want to use a lot of sugar so I added only a tablespoon at a time until it was to my satisfaction. I believe it ended up being a little shy of 1/2 c. The berries were so wonderfully sweet on their own.

20130614-140344.jpg Liesel was a great helper, and taster 😉


Once all the berries were mixed I poured the into 4 ounce mason jars. This way I could keep some for us, and give away a few as well. Let the jam sit in the jars for 30 minutes at room temperature before putting into freezer.


After the jars have sat out transfer to freezer. I also put one in the fridge to use right away. The jam in the fridge will be ready to use in 1 hour. And there you have it, homemade freezer jam. Simple as can be. Here are a few takes on the jam:

the jam is delicious but tastes more like a strawberry daiquiri to me. I am thinking this is do to not boiling the berries the way you would in regular jam recipes. I believe that step intensifies the flavor. The jam tastes amazing in Greek yogurt. Also makes for delicious toast and pb&js. I think in the future I will try the original recipes just to compare. I definitely recommend freezer jam, it is efficient, easy, and ever so tasty!

Here are the girls enjoying some yummy jam on toast!



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