Family Day of Fun

This past Friday we were lucky to spend together! Eric had the day off so we had decided to make this a special day for the girls. Kind of a kickoff to summer! First on tap was visiting our local strawberry farm.

Spencer Farms is an awesome place to visit. It is not a large farm so it is easy to take young children. The people who work there could not be any nicer and in their store they sell hand dipped Bluebell ice cream what more could you want?! The girls loved picking strawberries. Liesel and I have been talking a lot about gardens in liesel school so the fact that we actually got to pick our own strawberries was right up her alley! The weather was absolutely perfect and we ended up picking almost 8lbs ( plus or minus a few that somehow ended up in the mouths of two happy customers;)) Here are a few pictures of our strawberry morning fun!




Liesel was a great picker. What a difference a year makes! She would yell ” it’s big and red, look look” almost every time she picked one.


Moira decided she was the official taster and boy did she nail the job!



Liesel had her fair share too;)


Our finished product!


They have not gone to waste blog posts to come on our homemade jam and strawberry angel food cake! Mmm mmm mmm!

Our day of fun did not end at the farm. After naps we were heading the the Indians game! Our minor league baseball team here in Indy.

Thanks to Mimi and Papa being out of town we were able to use their season tickets for Friday nights game! Eric and I were really not sure what to expect taking an almost 3 year old and a 16 mth old to a baseball game that starts at their bedtime. We figured worst case scenario we stay for a few innings, eat a hotdog and call it a night. Wow, were we surprised at just how big of a hit the event would be! The girls could not have had more fun or been more pleasant! We ended up leaving just before the start of the 9th and only because we wanted to grab an ice cream cone to share on the way out and since the Indians were down by 4, we figured we could beat the crowds. The girls would have stayed for the entire game, no problem!

The constant cheering and music made for two very happy girls! Liesel was yelling ” go Indians” at the top of her lungs throughout the game and desperately trying for a free T-shirt to be thrown her way. She also did not understand why she could not go out on the field with all those guys. Moira enjoyed waving and smiling at all the people sitting near us and she even scored some free popcorn and stickers from some fellow fans ( pays to be cute). We will definitely be going to future games, what a fantastic way to spend a night!



Let the cheering begin!



Enjoying some ball park food.



Liesel gives it a big thumbs up!


Thanks again Mimi and Papa! Our family day of fun was one to remember, can’t wait to do it again!!

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