Music Lessons with Daddy

If there is one thing you can count on hearing at the Statler household, it is an abundance of music. Whether we are listening and dancing to the Beetles or singing show tunes in the bathroom, our girls are growing up knowing all kinds of music! With parents like Eric and I how could they not?! Who knows maybe one day we really will have our own Von Trapp Family Singers;). We can only hope!

While I tend to take the reigns on learning songs to sing, Eric is our music instructor. I think Liesel was less than a week old before daddy had her tapping the keys.

Both girls adore when Eric comes home and plays their favorite songs on the piano! He composed a song for each girl after they were born, and these songs are sung often around here. They also beg for Maple Leaf Rag, Love Me Do and a plethora of Wiggles Songs. While daddy plays the girls dance all around ( great way to exert their high energy, especially in the winter months).



Aside from our nightly piano lessons

20130605-204203.jpg, Eric started taking up his banjo again. This has been quite the hit over here! Nothing like a little Bluegrass to get your feet moving.




As our girls get older it is exciting to think about what their desires and passions will be. I am certain that in some way music will be high on the list!


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