Pizza Night

One of our absolute favorite things around here is, pizza night. Liesel and I have even coined a song that we sing while making the pizza:) for the past year we have said goodbye to ordering pizza out and have been making it ourselves. Our pocket books and our tummies do not miss it one bit!!

Usually we buy our dough from Trader Joes ( hard to pass up their $1.09 steal!). We love all three varieties: wheat, white, garlic/herb. However, sometimes it’s hard to make the trek to TJ ( can someone please alert Hamilton county on their need for a store up here!!??!!). So, in the event that a Joe’s run has not happened I started making our dough. The results have been delicious! It’s super easy and the girls love helping.

Here is the recipe I’ve been following. You are going to love it!!

Pizza Dough Recipe

3 1/2- 4c bread flour
1 pkg active dry yeast
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp sugar
2 T plus 2tsp olive oil
1 1/2 c warm water

In mixer put all dry ingredients. Mix on low. While mixing get warm water (110*). Switch to dough hook. Add water and 2 T of oil. Mix until dough makes a soft, non sticky ball. Add in flour 1TB at a time until desired consistency. Transfer ball onto floured surface ( knead if still seems sticky) then place dough in oiled bowl and cover for one hour.

Once dough has doubled in size

20130520-075331.jpg Remove from bowl and split into two equal pieces. Place a towel over top of dough and let sit for 10 minutes. Now your ready to make your pizza!

Tonight we just made a classic pepperoni pizza. We love using sandwich pep from the deli counter. Our sauce of choice is hunts marinara from the can ( crazy cheap) add a little olive oil to thin it + some additional oregano and basil and its perfect!


My parents bought a pizza stone a few months ago and wow what a difference!! The crust gets a perfect crispness and we’ve even used it to cook our pizza on the grill. Talk about a taste explosion, this you must try!! Here is our finished pizza


Some of our favorite-go to- recipes are: arugula+ bacon+ grape tomatoes on whole wheat crust, crumbled sausage+green pepper+ mushrooms on white, feta+mozzarella with only olive oil on herb crust. What are your favorite toppings? Happy pizza night all!!


Champions in the Car

This past week our family took a trip to North Carolina to visit Eric’s dad ( Grandpa and Nina). We had decided to drive with the girls. The trip was estimated to be 9.5 hours straight through. Totally doable, right?? As the trip was drawing near I started to fear our decision to drive. How would the girls do in the car for so.long? The longest they had ever done was 6 hrs to MO. Granted, we make the four hour trip to MI frequently, 9+ hours just seemed a bit much.

The evening before we were to leave, as I was getting all the crafty things together for the car, I had a moment of panic. Honey, maybe we should download a few movies to the ipad, just in case… Eric being the purest he is ( movies? We never had movies in the car!), decided we wait and see how it goes. If things were going south quickly we could always pull into a Starbucks and download then. I felt much better:) thanks Hun.

The morning came and we were packed and ready to go. The girls were ecstatic to go see grandpa and Nina, a day Liesel thought would never actually come. I had all the ammunition toys, books,crafts+snacks loaded and perfectly placed to allow for easy access. We buckled in and 8:10am ( only about 30 minutes behind our scheduled departure).

The first leg ( getting to Cincy) was a breeze. The girls looked at book after book for the entire two hours. No stops required.

We made it to Kentucky before a stop was deemed necessary (3 hour stretch!!). In the 11 hours it took to reach Huntersville, NC ( our destination) we took 3 longer stops, and one last minute-I have to go potty even though we are 30 minutes away-stop. And the girls were like pros in the car! Zero melt downs, absolutely no whining, and only one 1.5 hr nap. Amazingly proud of them!


Here are a few activities that made the trip easy.
Baking Pan: this is an amazing toy. It allows Liesel to do a number of activities. Tape paper to it and its the perfect coloring base, bring different magnets/stickers and the girls can have fun sticking them all over, it also is the perfect bead holder for making bracelets and necklaces.

Doodle Pads: provided tons of entertainment for all of us! Both girls loved drawing on them and we especially loved Liesels silly faces! Her last picture Eric decided was the perfect depiction of how we were all feeling on the inside at the end of our trip;)


Books: one can never have too many books. In the weeks leading up to the trip I carefully took a few books here and there and secretly stashed them away so that they would be newer to the girls in the car. We also made a trip to the library a few days prior, picking out a few books that would be fun for the girls to look at. Our favorites were Richard Scarry, they have tons of pictures on every page and Liesel loves finding goldbug on every page. I think Where’s Waldo will soon be on our radar.

And of course our endless amount of snacks. No one ever said food coma was a bad thing on trips!

It also helped that once we were in Southern Kentucky through North Carolina the scenery was GORGEOUS!! Both girls loved looking the the mountains and all the animals along the way.


It was a fabulous trip in the car both ways! I now feel like we could drive anywhere. Look out Harris’ in Cali, we may be coming for you all next;)

Spring Family Photoshoot

In the beginning of April our good friends David and Sarah came to visit. The Reeves are amazing photographers and we have have had the honor of having them capture our girls over the years. Blessed. Every Photo shoot I am absolutely blown away by the pictures they take. They have a natural talent of perfectly capturing our girls. Make sure to checkout their website!!
Book sdreevesphotography, you will love them!

Here are a few pictures from our shoot.












Thanks Sarah and David, you guys are the best! Cheers,, you’ve done it again!